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Writing Prompt: Week 9. #specfic



Prompt: You’re a writer who has died. When you cross over, you discover that the worlds you created in your mind are actual places. You’ve now found yourself in your own creation for eternity. What happens next? (If you’re an author, use your worlds, or one of them. =) )

WINNER!!! by Janneke Wolbers!!

I am writing this, I don’t even know how i am doing this. Now i know what you are thinking, how can you not know what you are writing? It is pretty easy to explain to you, if you look past my desk you can see my body lying there.
I had a heart attack a few hours ago. No one has found me yet and i have already seen so many weird things.
There is a woman dressed in white saying she is a reaper and i needed to come with her. I already went with her once and let me tell you i wasn’t prepared to see what i saw on the other side. She let me come back after i begged her to let me write it down!
As you might have guessed i am an author, in my life on earth i have written many stories and short novels. I wrote in all kinds of genres but smut was something i did with a dear friend of mine, so when that reaper made me cross over i was in for a surprise!
Aliens, Vampires, Werewolves in places that look like the moon and mars, space shuttles and other stuff you need in space, some of them are even wearing space suits! My stories, whether they were big or small everything that was in my head once was now my personal heaven! I wouldn’t exactly call it heaven, more like hell, oh yeah there was a devil like creature as well
But that’s what the reaper told me, this was heaven, apparently she was so late because she spend a few hours in my heaven. Apparently an alien with 3 breasts and a Martian with 5 penises are a thing in heaven. I never in a million years would have thought that heaven looked liked whatever you wrote if you are an author, i would have told some other stories more normal.
I still can’t tell you everything because i was so shocked to see my stories, what used to be in my head come alive there that i didn’t see everything, but I’m hoping that i can come back one day and finish my story.
What the reaper did not tell me even though i asked a few times is if my soul is bound to my body or to the place i lived all my life or maybe even an object, i guess time will tell what happens.
I rather not go there again, but the reaper told me that they will treat me like some God because i created them and they won’t hurt me, it’s a good thing i never wrote that they kill the author or i would be screwed right now!
I have to leave now again cause the police is on its way and they are about to take my body out of here.


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