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Writing Prompt: Week 8. #specfic

Week 8 Writing Prompt Winner!!!

Prompt: One second you’re in your house, the next you’re standing in a living room surrounded by three demons. They drop their Ouija board and scream as they run to their bathroom and lock the door. “I told you we shouldn’t have touched it!”

Winner!!! by Jo Huber

After working a ten hour day cutting up dead animals, the first thing I want to do when I get home is take a shower. I think of that hot house wife was in today again she likes to come in to shake her tits at me. With the hot water falling down over me, I soaped up. Reaching down I grabbed my dick and started stroking it. I have had many women over the years complain that I am too big and it hurts them. I started to feel my orgasm coming on. I was so close. I closed my eyes when all of a sudden the water shuts off. I open my eyes to screaming.
I find myself standing in a room with what looks like three demons. They drop an Ouija board and run out of the room. Then I hear a female voice yell “What the fuck are you three little humans yelling about” In the room walks a large female demon. She takes one look at me and rolls her eyes. “Did my kids bring you here”? I explain that I really don’t know how I got here and I just want to go home. While trying to cover myself the best I can.
She looks at me and laughs. “You want to go home and I want an orgasm. Let’s see if we can work out a deal. I give you my word as a demon that if you can bring me to orgasm you will be sent home as soon as it happens. But I know by looking at that small dick you are trying to hide that will not bring me to an orgasm”. I follow her to her bedroom. I walk to the bed and try to figure out the easiest way to do this. She has the biggest pussy I have ever seen. There is no way I am big enough to fill that hole.
Not knowing what else to do I start using my hands. I grab hold of her clit with one hand and start massaging it like one would you with a tit. She starts to make a noise so I figure I am doing it right. She screams at me that she needs more. I take my other hand and make a fist and enter her with it. I fuck her hard and fast. In a matter of minutes, I can feel her walls start closing around me. Then she screams. Just then the biggest, meanest looking demon walks in the room and yells at me what are you doing to my wife. She finally hit her orgasm and all of a sudden I am back in my shower. Just in a nick of time. I would have been red paint on the wall otherwise. I scrub myself and get out of the shower as fast as I can. I don’t think I will ever be able to get hard in the shower ever again.

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