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Writing Prompt: Week 6. #specfic


The door to the massive spaceship slides open to reveal a T-Rex in a silver jumper and sunglasses. As stunned people look on in silence, the massive creature lowers his shades and bellows, “Yo, where’d everybody go?”

WINNER!!! By Angela Lovelace

Jerry stared at his tv in disbelief. He wanted to be there! “There” was hours away, so the only way to see what was happening was to stay put and watch the live news feed.

The real-honest-to-goodness spaceship had landed in a field in the suburbs. He leaned forward, anxious to see what would come out of the slowly opening doors. He felt his cat head butt him and he absently petted the black and white tom.

“Holy crap, Narbles! There’s a T-Rex coming out of that ship!”

Jerry felt claws dig through his jeans, and scratch his leg.

“Hey! Cut it out–” he looked down at his cat. Narbles had pulled out his Halloween costume. It was kind of an Iron Cat theme. It had a little helmet and boots that were meant to be propulsion ready. It was odd for several reasons. One, Narbles had hated the costume. Two, his cat batted at it with a paw and it blinked to life with lights that he had never put into the costume. Three, his cat seemed to be trying to put it on.

“Don’t just stare, human. Help me.”

“You talked!”

“I thinked at you. There’s a difference. Now. Thumbs! Help me, or do you want the Minitosgrab to get you?”

Speechless, Jerry helped his cat pull on the tiny boots and the helmet. Lights winked and static crackled.

“Yes, this is Narbles Prime, of High Command. Advance teams have confirmed. Minitosgrab is live. Scramble! Scramble!”

There was a whoosing noise and Narbles launched into the air and hovered to Jerry‘s height.

“Don’t be afraid. We thought our days of war were over, but felines will not give up our thumb bearers easily. I will be back soon.”

“Narbles Prime?”

“Of High Command, yes. I don’t have time for a full explanation but, making a civilization sucks, society sucks. Having telepathy sucks. It’s too much work. We decided long ago to be the pets of mostly well meaning beings with thumbs. Minitosgrabs tried too, but we felines are furrier and cuter.”

“Cats have been at war with T-Rexes?”

“Have you any idea how valuable a being with a reach and thumbs is? If Tiny Arms wants to get rowdy, we’ll show him who you humans belong to.”

“But you are an indoor cat, Narbles!”

Narbles gave Jerry a long suffering look. He then turned to the door and squinted. Blue laser beams came out the cat’s eyes and seared a hole in the door. The human could do nothing but watch his cat whoosh away under the power of his propulsion boots. He guessed Narbles looked the part, Special Agent, being that his black and white pattern was often called a tuxedo.

The cameras were still focused on the ship and the T-Rex, but there were specs in the distant sky. Jerry wondered if he was the only one who knew it was a cat armada come to defend their right to the thumbed humans.


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Also, I want to congratulate Virginia Johnson for releasing her new book today. Grab yourself a copy!

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By Virginia Lee Johnson
Vindicate is a follow up to Revenge, found in Doctrine of Indecency: 18 Coveted Tales of Lust!

Aspen Young is a girl with a past and an inner demon to feed.
Ethan West has been a playboy since his first wet dream but nothing could prepare him for Aspen.
In Revenge, Aspen and Ethan collide in an erotic tale of mending the weak and awakening the strength within a woman. When the weak aren’t strong enough to survive, Aspen ends the pain and suffering of lost love and a pathetic heart, the only way she knows how.
In Vindicate, Aspen is tested with decisions that will help her continue to right the wrongs that have plagued women for centuries or destroy her as she falls into the same wreckage her victims are subjected to.
When Ethan proves to be stronger and smarter than the hunted failures of Aspen’s past, she is forced to make a decision that will ultimately change the life she has created for herself. Take revenge on those who constantly choose to relive the horror of their decisions and take their lives, one bloody heart at a time or end the lives of the people responsible for her need to vindicate her actions.




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