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Writing Prompt – Week 2 Winner! #SpecFic

By Kyle Perkins


This week’s winner is Jennifer Long! If you would like to join in the fun or possibly be featured on this blog, just click the blue text here.


The prompt was: “You just found out that your significant other is not only a shapeshifter, but also every person you’ve ever dated.”

Jennifer’s entry:

Vivian’s eyes went wide when Chuck told her the news.

“I’m not actually a T-Rex,” he admitted after a particularly exhilarating session in bed.

Vivian was too stunned to reply. Her whole life she had only been attracted to dinosaurs. Even when she was a small girl she had always paired her Pretty Peggy dolls with the giant reptiles while playing. To hear his confession was devastating.

“It’s okay, Viv,” he cooed, desperately trying to soothe her as she openly sobbed. “I”m a shape shifter so I can be anything you want. It will all work out, don’t worry.”

Obviously he didn’t understand her at all. A shapeshifter could never be a true dinosaur and she only wanted a purebred. As she started to move to get up he tried to stop her from getting off the bed but his tiny arms couldn’t reach her He quickly shifted into a human in a brilliantly simmering burst of iridescent light. Most would be impressed by the blatant display of his powers, but she didn’t even turn to look.

“Come back, please! Vivian, please listen to me!” His pleas fell on deaf ears as she walked though down the hall and slammed the front door on her way out.
Vivian sat on her comfortable, old plaid sofa with a spoon in one hand and a carton of chocolate ice cream in the other. Her best friend Missy sat next to her half heartedly trying to console her miserable friend. After an hour of sobbing and whining, Missy couldn’t take it any longer.

“You do realize that Kevin and Argon were shifters too, right?” she said with annoyance and a spike of anger in her voice. “When will you get over this ridiculous obsession with dinosaurs?” she demanded as Vivian sat, still for once, surprised by her friend’s outburst. She had always thought that Kevin and Argon were missing that special spark, which is why she had dumped them, but she honestly hadn’t known their true nature. Missy was still going off on her, something about butts being more a relationship asset than dino status, but Vivian tuned her out and picked up her phone. It wasn’t easy to find a good dinosaur these days. Most of them had pea sized brains and manners to match. She had thought that Chuck was different with his love of poetry and photography. He was sophisticated and perfectly scaly. She was really going to miss him, but there was no going back. She unlocked her phone and got online to put her dating profile back on Missy saw that Vivian had tuned her out, so she got up and left, knowing that she’d be back for ice cream night in a matter of days if Vivian stayed true to form. She shook her head in wonder as she left. Why would anyone want to be with a dinosaur when Martians were so much easier on the eyes?

Since Jennifer is not an author, she asked me to spotlight another. Check out Christina Rozelle!

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