Author Kyle Perkins

Why the PC culture and BuzzFeed are a Blight on society.

By Kyle Perkins



Our country, like many, was built on competition. It’s the very foundation of capitalism. What would the world look like without competition? Well, for starters, watching sports would be a lot less interesting. If we keep going down this path of “everyone gets a trophy” mentality, what’s the point of even trying or getting better? If you think this is limited to sports, it isn’t. The reason we advanced in industry, was and is, competition. Why would Andrew Carnegie have even bothered if he would have done just fine by being mediocre, and would have received the same praise anyway? Capitalism breeds competition by its very nature. We NEED that competition. Someone out there is always looking for a way to make something better to capitalize and get their share of the market. That is why we have breakthrough technology that changes the world, because someone out there sees something we have, and figures out how to make it better. Complacency is the enemy of progress.

Now, another way PC Culture is ruining the world: telling people they are perfect the way they are. Now, this might offend some people, but morbidly obese people making videos of themselves wearing bikinis and promoting obesity are not “brave.” They are attention seeking assholes that make the world think it’s okay to be morbidly obese. It isn’t. The people on their comment sections calling them “brave” and saying they are “an inspiration” aren’t doing them any favors either. They are effectively killing them by making them think that’s alright. Now, I’m not saying to go out and shame these people or shit on them for their lifestyle, that’s not your place, their doctor does enough of that. However, don’t sit and tell them they are “incredible” for promoting obesity. Being proud of your body is one thing, but being proud of something that is universally detrimental to your health is just irresponsible, and stupid. Not picking on obese people, just making an example. This goes for pretty much any unhealthy lifestyle.

I’m not done yet. BuzzFeed and other cancerous websites are out there ruining people’s lives. One person makes an ill-advised joke about race, sexuality, or any other hot button issue, and BuzzFeed picks up the story. What happens then is, adults that should have been able to take a joke all go into mob mentality mode. They call that person’s employer, family, and anyone that will listen. It gets a person fired from their job, personal lives ruined, and forever changes their life, over one statement taken out of context and used by BuzzFeed to further their agenda, or simply because it was a slow news day. To me, BuzzFeed are domestic terrorists. Think about it. A group of like-minded individuals going after one person, or a group of people because they think they have the moral high ground, and justify every action they do based on that? Sound oddly familiar? See: ISIS.

If you really think about it, when has mob mentality ever been a good idea? When has the outcome ever been good? Entire towns have danced themselves to death because of mass hysteria. This PC culture is nothing more than that. Mob mentality and mass hysteria. One person latches onto something, and the hoard of PC agenda internet trolls quickly follow suit, and they feel completely justified in ruining someone’s life because “they said a bad thing.” Well, newsflash, everyone says or does something regrettable in their life. Imagine if when you had, there was a giant magnifying glass over you, and everyone in the world suddenly hated you, and you became known for the one shitty mistake you made. That is what happens when BuzzFeed picks up one of their shitty clickbait stories. Then thousands of people proudly ruin someone’s life and feel completely justified in doing so.

If you read any comment section lately, or scroll down your feed on Facebook you will think the world is getting dumber. I know I have. I have been people watching for over ten years, always online, always lurking. For a long time, I was actually convinced that the world was, in fact, getting dumber. Now I realize it’s far more complicated than that. People need to feel purpose, something greater than themselves. So they cling to these PC ideas because they are easy to understand. Everyone knows the difference between right and wrong, so it’s an easy concept to get involved with. Doesn’t take much thought or brain power. “He did a wrong thing, let’s get him!” Now, since most of the world are working class, doing a 9-5 job, they don’t get a lot of time to contemplate the world, or research further than a headline. So most people read a headline then form an opinion.

Most people only get a lot of their interaction from standing around a water cooler at work and shooting the shit with their buddies. They can’t spend 10 straight hours researching a single article, or person mentioned in an article. BuzzFeed counts on that. They know they can make a catchy headline with something enraging, drop a few names, and it will be shared a million times, with about only a quarter of the people who are sharing actually taking the time to read past the headline. Most people trust news sources, and don’t really question it. This has ruined many people’s lives forever because BuzzFeed and shitty sites like it needed a few more shares that day. It’s easy for people to judge themselves on their intentions, but only judge others based on their actions.

There is nothing worse than being ignorant, and being content in that. Accepting things as they are, just because they are, is horrible. If everyone conformed to this mentality a hundred years ago, we may not have ever had antibiotics, vaccinations, or computer technology. We need people to strive for better, and we need a reason to. Humans are competitive by nature, it’s in our genetic makeup. If we take that competitiveness away, we are denying who we are. If humans hadn’t developed that competitiveness, Homo Erectus may have been walking the Earth now in our place. (Also the reason racism is inherent in all humans to some degree)

In closing, PC Culture may seem like a good idea on the surface, but the implications of “no kid left unhugged” is actually bad for us, believe it or not. Need further proof of the dangers of mob mentality, and being complacent in ignorance? See: The Crusades.



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  1. Reblogged this on Author Lila Vale and commented:
    What do you think? I’m all for acceptance and love – live and let live, ya know? But I also agree that sometimes the PC brigade takes it way too far. If someone makes a tasteless or ignorant statement, then yeah, maybe they should be corrected so they can evolve… but, we all make mistakes and say the wrong thing, or have been misunderstood at one time or another. It’s definitely a bit extreme to burn someone at the stake for such things.

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