Author Kyle Perkins

Who am I kidding?

By Kyle Perkins.

Obviously, I can’t compete with Facebook, or even Myspace for that matter. Though, I have set up a social media of sorts. A place where people can come hang out without worrying about being censored like on Facebook. All you have to do is sign in when you come to my site. I believe I added options to sign in with your social media accounts, too. I am continuing to work hard on this site, so if you need to reach me for the next few days, just sign up and hang out with me while I work out some kinks. =)

I hope you all really enjoy the new site, I have worked hard to make it easier to navigate, as well as give you all more features to work with.

(PS, self hosting my own site, under my own rules is my very discreet way of saying FUCK YOU to Facebook.)

(PSS, everything on my site is on a secure server, notice the little green lock at the top left of your browser =) )

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