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Updates to The Indie Book Network

By Kyle Perkins.

Okay, within the next couple of days, there should be massive updates to the site. Right now, it has plenty of functionality, but I plan to add a lot more. We have 150 members in just two days since I started it, and I plan to just keep expanding. Just remember, I am a one man team, and everything you see there is done by me, and me alone. I don’t have a team of people and several server locations like Facebook, so it won’t be as good as Facebook just yet, but give me time. 😉

The idea behind this network is that as readers, authors, bloggers, pimpers, etc. We don’t have many options as far as social media goes. Twitter goes mostly unnoticed as most of you know, just simply due to how much content is constantly posted there. If you use one of my bots, you will have that area covered automatically. We have Facebook, but it’s not exclusive to our community and you can be banned and censored for minor infractions, including simply having a pen name. That’s incredibly unfair. WordPress is great, but you have to build your own audience from scratch.

So, I have built a social media network centered around our little world. Our book community. All are welcome. Best part, you’ll never be censored, and you can use a pen name if you’d like. Right now, you can post statuses, pictures, and make groups, but within the next 48 hours there will be a lot more content and functionality. I urge you all to use this outlet for your artistic needs. Let’s get some people here and do some takeovers, network, and do whatever you’d like to express and promote yourself(within the law, obviously).

This is a network built with you in mind, made exclusively for all of us. However, I am only one guy doing this, so just have a little patience, and realize I am not rich. I am an indie author(which means I’m broke), but I did put money into this, a few hundred dollars so far. If you would like to help us grow, please consider donating, even if it’s a couple bucks. You can do so by clicking the donation button below.

For those of you that have joined, I want to personally thank and welcome you. I am so happy to have you. Let’s make this into something amazing. I’m looking forward to seeing more of all of you, and new members, you’re all welcome to join.

PS: I’ll be back after the first of the year with more bizarre interviews!

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