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Okay, you see where it says 27.1K tweets? Maybe a thousand of them are actually from me. The rest, my bot did for me.

3,552 followers? Nearly all of them gained by my bot. I’ve only had a twitter since Feb.

So every hashtag that you see has its own recent feed. If you search#KanyeWest, you’ll find a feed on Twitter that has every single time anyone has ever used that hashtag ever.

What my bot does is, it finds the latest tweet with your chosen hashtag, like#BookBoost for instance, and does a retweet every 3, 5, or 10 minutes, depending on the frequency you want. (It can be every hour, you decide)

This helps you by giving other authors exposure, so they in turn want to follow you, along with readers and promotions companies. Then, when you post something you want retweeted(Like a new release), all of those people are willing to return the favor.

This bot has been a more powerful marketing tool than any campaign I have every spent money on, and the good news is, it goes forever. You’ll have a steady stream of followers and people that retweet your stuff, and my bot even thanks people when they follow or mention you.

It completely automates your Twitter so that you have more time to do other things(Like write).

Anyway, if you’re interested in using my bot, just fill out the form below. =)

Every indie author should have it, to be honest. It’s constant exposure.


Keep in mind, all information will be strictly confidential!!!! I will never share anything you send me.

This may look complicated, but it’s very easy. I made it easy enough that anyone can do it. =)

Step one: Add a phone number to your twitter account if you haven’t. If you don’t know how, go here.

Step two: Go here and select to create a new app. It will bring up an application.

Name: Whatever you want to call the bot.

Description: Retweet bot

And it will have two spaces for urls. For this, use your blog or website, if you don’t have one, feel free to put mine in both spaces. *Remember to add the https://*

Step three: Go to the permissions tab and change it to “Read, Write and Access direct messages,” when you’re done, it should look like this. Screenshot (6).png

Step four: Go to the keys and access tokens tab. Scroll to the bottom and generate a new access token. There will be a button for it. After you finish, leave this tab open in your browser, you’ll need to return to it. (These keys let my app speak to your Twitter account). When you’re done, it should look like this. *Note: The long strings of random numbers are what I need*


Step five: Go here and create a new account. Use your normal email, but choose a password you don’t mind me using for the purposes of installing this bot. It will ask you which programming language you’d like to use(choose node.js). I will need to login to your heroku account to upload your bot onto heroku(A cloud server), so that it will run 24/7, even if my computer is off.

Step six(Optional): The way Heroku works is, it’s a free cloud service, and they give you 550 free hours a month to where your bot will run. Which roughly translates to 23 days a month. However, if you have a credit/debit card on file, they give you 1000 free hours a month, which means it will run forever and you’ll never have any down time. The site is meant for developers, so they hope the time will entice developers to use their platform to launch huge applications that take off. We’re not using it for that, we’re just using it for a bot. lol. So, if you’re not comfortable adding a card, it will run 23 days a month, then start over again when the month ends. If you add a card, it will work nonstop. It’s up to you, but after you’ve made your account, if you’d like to add a card, you can do so here. (It’s COMPLETELY SAFE.) You can also do this after I’ve installed the bot and you’ve changed your password. =)

Finally, once you have your keys and your heroku login, plug them into the form below and I will set everything up for you remotely from my computer. Then, that’s it! Once it’s done, you can change your password if you’d like, or add your card then change your password.

Tip: Once the bot is working, I’d advise you to create a pinned tweet with things you want people to see. News, new books, authors you want people to know about, etc. Since you’ll be retweeting people automatically, they will want to retweet you. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the exposure.

If you have trouble with a step, or need help in any way, you know where to find me. =)

Update: The bot now thanks people for following you, or mentioning you, and I can put a family safe filter on it. (So that you don’t retweet anything embarrassing)

Update two: I can now make it retweet in your chosen language only, if you wish.

Before filling out the form below, be sure to purchase a twitterbot from me first.


22 thoughts on “Twitterbots”

  • Right on! I love this thing. There are so many social media sites to try to keep up with when you’re attempting to build a platform, I really dig anything that makes that a little easier. I’ve gained a ton of followers in just a couple of days — what would’ve taken me months to do on my own. Highly recommend!

  • I had this set up yesterday and in all honesty I was alarmed at the instant uplift in retweets, followers and links.
    I am impressed, it’s taken the load of me and works brilliantly in automating my twitter.
    Thank you Kyle, money well spent 🙂
    Michelle – The Romance Vault book blog.

  • I had this app done this morning and OMG ? this is the best investment I have ever made. I have only been active on Twitter with Kyle’s bot for an hour and I am so impressed with the results! It’s so nice knowing that tweets can be taken care of without lifting a finger. Definitely leaves more time to concentrate on my blog and my PA duties! Thank you Kyle for this amazing tool to make life a little easier for us! Authors and Bloggers I definitely recommend using Kyle’s Bot. Trust me once you start using it, you won’t go back to anything else. Thanx again Kyle for all your awesomeness ?
    Edith- ReadingIsOurSatisfactionBlog

  • I’ve only had my bot for a day, but so far so good! A lot of other authors are appreciating my retweets and following/retweeting my pinned post as thanks. I’m gaining the kind of followers I want without having to even do anything, which is great since I’m not the most active on Twitter and knew I needed to do something to change that. Thanks Kyle!

  • It’s only been an hour and the increase in traffic on Twitter is amazing. I always forget to use Twitter. So having this Bot is going to be a huge help for my business. I can’t tell Kyle thank you enough for what he’s done for my social media presence.

  • What I love about this the most is, though I always want to, I don’t have the time to support as many authors as I’d like. My first few months on Twitter, I (no lie) spent half my day on the site just retweeting other’s posts. While this was incredibly fulfilling, it honestly left me little to no time to write. Kyle’s bot allows me to now do two of my loves. It retweets for me which in turn allows me to focus most of my time on writing. The new followers I gain because of it are simply a bonus on top.

  • Loving the bot on my author account. When I get busy it has been so nice to know my Kylebot is working the crowd schmoozing and thanking people for follows and likes. I’d say it was definitely worth the money. Thanks Kyle for being brilliant when I can’t.

  • I got this bot around 6pm on October 8th, I honestly have no idea what to do on twitter, so basically it’s been collecting dust and reposting from Facebook directly to it.
    My stats when I started.
    Tweets 224 – Following 1,513 – Followers 3,964 – Likes 44
    My stats currently (almost 4 days later)
    Tweets 1,145 – Following 1,520 – Followers 4,010 – Likes 54
    I am very impressed with this bot so far, Kyle is beyond brilliant.
    Thanks, Kyle!

  • Hi I already knew Kyle as an author and on some of my BOOK EVENTS off and on we crossed paths, but Kerri a PA recommended I try this BOT out and KYLE immediately contacted me and walked me through this APP. OMG honestly am so excited. It’s up now on my TWITTER WALL PINNED and he is fast and now to see how his BOT WORKS on the spreading the broadcasting. NICE GUY, Can you tell I’m excited… he also educated me on safety and some NET issues and protection. Trustworthy and guy is fast. Love his handle fsociety. thanks KYLE hope this makes you smile. BOT TIME lol lots of cheers, Roshandra warmly writing on R.M.Simone Author

  • I got a twitter bot from Kyle and please believe it has changed the way my Twittering was. It was barely a account before. Now it tweets for me and gets my account some attention. I love this Twitter Bot!

  • Kyle set up a bot for me and I saw immediate results- within four hours. Engagement, impressions and followers went up immediately. He was easy to communicate with for some follow up tweaking as well. This definitely falls under the 80/20 rule of paying someone a nominal fee to do something for you that it would take HOURS to learn to do on your own.

  • Many thanks to Kyle for setting this up for me. It’s a huge time saver! Big results for a small investment.

  • Not knowing “anything” about twitter, I knew I had to get caught up quick. A casual acquaintance referred me to Kyle. Already juggling 5 balls in the air I sent Kyle an email. We spoke and he was kind enough to explain the ABC’s of twitter and his twitterbot program. Working with Kyle… best decision I’ve made so far building my social network. This ones a no-brainer.

  • I’m really digging this app! After less than a day I’ve already gotten like 35 new followers, which basically doubles my followers since I was a complete slacker with Twitter. Kyle’s bot works really well, for very minimal effort, and the followers you get are (for the most part) into the same interests as you are (writing, reading, publishing)! Great deal, I highly recommend!

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