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The Mandela Effect

Have you ever felt like something from the past happened differently than you remember it? Chances are, you are suffering from the Mandela Effect.

Now, everyone knows the limits of human memory, and as time goes on, our memory of events fades. That’s human, right? What happens when thousands, even millions remember an event or something from pop culture that never happened? A lot of people seem to think mass hysteria might be the answer, the only problem is, most of the people suffering from this are normal people, with no history of mental illness(as far as I know).

For instance, I for one know I have seen a movie called Shazam in the 90’s that starred Sinbad, and a lot of people agree with me. Apparently, it never happened. Even Sinbad himself says that he never starred in the film. So why do hundreds of thousands of people believe he did?

Well, there are many theories. One being that the world did end in 2012 and we’re living in the aftermath. Another theory states that time travelers are potentially coming back in time, and altering history to change the future. One suggests that we’re living in an alternate universe, and another seems to believe that reality as a whole is a simulation. Like we’re living in the matrix. Some even state that CERN destroyed our reality.

The problem with the Mandela Effect is, that no matter how much you search on the internet to find proof of things happening the way you remember them, it will always show you that you’re wrong, because reality has literally changed. All relics from the way you remembered things erased from history, like they never happened. So, if you’re sitting in a room with a hundred people that all agree they’ve watched the Shazam movie, and can describe the plot in detail, none of it matters, because it’s been scrubbed from our reality.

For instance, Shazam is said to have been made in 1994, which is interesting. Before looking up when the Shazam movie was supposedly made, I told someone that I remember the commercial for it while watching the VHS of “Blank Check.” Turns out, that movie was also released in 1994.

Then, we have people like James Earl Jones, who played Darth Vader, remembering his line where he said, “Luke, I am your father,” and yet, that phrase is never said in the movie.

It gets even creepier. Remember how many people were riding in the car when JFK was assassinated? We have all seen the footage. If you said “four,” you’re wrong. It’s now six.

Remember Mandela dying in 1991? Well, it didn’t happen. Even though people around the world remember watching his funeral on tv.

Some say that they watch the tank man die on national TV. Never happened.

Remember a land mass to the west of Australia? Apparently a lot of people do, and there is even video evidence of this.

Remember Hitler having brown eyes, and everyone calling him a hypocrite for being a brown eyed, brown haired man? Well, now his eyes are blue.

Remember Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum? What do they have on their hats? Flags? Propellers? Nothing?

If you said “propellers,” well, you’re wrong.

I could go on all day long, but you should really look into this, just to see how many things in history you’re suddenly wrong about. Have you seen any so far that puzzle you? Anything creep you out about this? Leave a comment below and tell me about it.

How can so many people be wrong over things that are so small and trivial?

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17 Replies to “The Mandela Effect”

    1. Same. To be honest, I think it more unreasonable to believe that we’re not living in one.

  1. I swear I’ve seen that stupid Sinbad movie, that I know now doesn’t exist.

    All of this is crazy though… especially that JFK thing, I’ve lived my whole life hearing about that as my Mom was big on JFK and mourned him. Even I watched that video with wtf on my mind.

      1. that’s the thing, I’ve been clicking on video after video because I can’t figure out how this worked. the damn star wars thing, I’m not a fan but shit, but that’s the line.

  2. Ok… I know there’s a fault in a memory, but how the hell do you erase Shazaam? I remember seeing something of sorts. Maybe a SNL episode? Idk… Screw that, it existed. Had to have. Lol.
    JFK? No idea. He died, that’s about all I know. Hitler? *rolls eyes*
    Dude! You’re screwing up my childhood. Lmao

  3. How can so many people be wrong? Therein we have religion…

    But I won’t touch that one…

    What I will say is that the problem is going to get worse. Once an idea goes viral, there’s no stopping it. Like the whole Obama citizenship thing. I feel for public figures.

    Here’s some irony: Mark Twain supposedly said, ” It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” Except, he never really said that.

    1. Yeah, but that’s faith and people holding beliefs based on faith. This is stuff that happened less than twenty years ago that so many people have experienced personally. Including me, for a few of these.

  4. As the only song says, “Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.”

    Pop culture is like a game of “telephone.” What goes in is often vastly different from what comes out. You consume a piece of media once, you talk to your friends about it and hear their different takes on it, you see a parody on television, you read about it in second-hand sources, and when you try to remember it 20 years later, too much interference keeps you from remembering it accurately.

    More people having the same faulty memory is likely to be an effect of the human being’s natural tendency as a social animal to agree with a crowd to avoid standing out. We tend to take a group of people saying “I remember that!” as an authority and have a tendency to want to agree with authorities. It’s how our brains work.

    But then you have to take a step back and apply logic.

    If I had the power to influence the past, I certainly wouldn’t waste it on pop culture trivialities just to screw with people on the Internet. If I had the power to intervene in the JFK assassination, I’d use it to stop the assassination.

    1. I do not share that tendency, and honestly know I’ve watched the Shazaam movie. I realize it’s very egotistical to believe our memory is so amazing and infallible that the only logical explanation for us being wrong is that reality literally had to change.. But, that’s what many believe, and it’s because they know for certain that things happened differently, myself included. Plus, what if the “shadowy people” behind it all, aren’t doing it on purpose? What if it is minor mistakes and they glitch in reality everyday, but we notice these more because they were very popular? I know it sounds far out there, and I’m not one for conspiracies myself. It’s just all a little… Odd.

  5. What if it has to do with what time actually is?What if there are several possible pasts, as well as several possible futures, different timelines but they are not permanently separate, they keep joining and separating? We think time is linear, and past is interchangeable, but what if it isn’t?

    We don’t really understand time yet, I think.

    At least that would make for an interesting concept to use in a time travel story. 😀

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