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The human mind, torrenting, hard drives, and why I need a life.

By Kyle Perkins.


Okay, well, where to begin?

To understand what I am about to say, you’ll need to understand torrenting. I will explain this in the most basic way possible so that anyone can understand.BitTorrent_network.svgAlright, all set? Good.

Just kidding. Okay, so say you have a movie, and you want to share that movie with your friends, and let’s say your friends happen to be everyone on the planet, torrenting may be for you. When you torrent, you send out tiny bits of information around the world to millions of people, and when all those bits reach their computer, it makes a book, movie, song or what have you. You also get books, movies and tv shows the same way. Except, you never get it really from one person. When you torrent, you takes bits of information from hundreds of people at once, and once all of that information reaches you and is put together in the right order, you have a file. Ok, on to the next part.

The way I see the human mind, is this.


A hard drive.

The way I see our memories, our thoughts, and everything we have ever learned, is this.


Let’s pretend all of those little squares represent one of those things. A memory, a thought, a behavior, etc.

The gray spaces, will represent files missing from a hard drive.


The colored ones, you guessed it. Memories and thoughts each of us possess.


Now, as you can see, it’s all a bit chaotic. No real order to it. Colors are all over the place, and the missing spaces seem to be placed randomly.

This is why I see our minds this way.

A brilliant person would have more colored squares, whereas a less intelligent person would have far more gray areas(missing files). Now, comparing the human mind to a hard drive is a bit of a stretch and simplifying things, but think about this. A very intelligent person might have a larger hard drive, and a less intelligent would have a smaller one, but we all store information the same way, right? (Yes, some people learn differently, and some people retain information differently, but for the sake of this, they don’t exist, we are talking in generalities.

Okay, with that out of the way, we can begin.


I think a lot of the arguing that happens in the world, you know, the things that have to do with morality, religion, sexism, racism, etc. It all stems from the fact that our minds are hard drives, and some of us lack the proper files to understand things bigger than ourselves. A computer, when it lacks a file, it could never understand what that file(Thought) is. Much like us. For the average person, it’s very hard for them to see past their own point of view because they lack the correct files. An intelligent person possess both files(Both points of view) and can process both and form a decision. A less intelligent person only has one, and simply cannot fathom what the other point of view is(They’re missing the other file). Most people could say, “Well, just give them the file.” Well, if it worked that way, whenever a person with the correct information said something, that would be the end of it, and the less intelligent person would become smarter. But our brains can’t just be copy pasted to. We work more like torrenting. We have to receive the correct information from hundreds of sources, and once all of that information reaches the hard drive, it creates a file(Opinion). Our minds are constantly scanning the file integrity, making sure that information is correct, or we have to toss away the bad bits of info, and flush it from the hard drive.

Now, some people have one set of files, some have another. Some have the files for morality, and some don’t. The problem with average people is that they typically only have half of the files. So at any given time, most people just have a one sided opinion while the smarter people with all of the files sit back and just watch two computers that couldn’t possibly understand each other, duke it out. Without a file, you can’t even imagine what the file would be, so from the perspective of each of the average computers, they are both right and couldn’t understand being wrong. But life is broader than that. The intelligent people(With the larger, and more information filled hard drives), have to watch these guys bicker all day over meaningless bullshit, and still try to gather information of their own. Instead of the two average computers torrenting information from the heaps and heaps of intelligent computers and becoming intelligent themselves, they insist on arguing over trivial shit that keeps them average.

Anyway, this is why I need a life. Lol.

But so do you. All of you. We all need to stop feeding into media fed bullshit.

If you ever only hear or see one side of an argument and decide to draw your own conclusions on it, you’re an idiot. Unless you were physically at the scene of a crime, you don’t know what you’re talking about. The media is a business, a huge business. You know, those things people generally don’t trust? There is a reason most people have a distrust for large businesses, and it’s because profits come first. Always have, always will. So, when they give you the news, they are giving you the version of it that will increase their ratings. We all know reality television is fake, and why? Because it’s all video edited to increase drama, no one actually behaves that way and an editor pours through hours of footage putting words into people’s mouths and creating drama where there is none, because drama makes them money. Normal people sitting in a house doing nothing is pretty boring. See: Every time someone comes to your house “to chill.” Yet, we buy everything the media feeds us hook, line, and sinker. Even though it’s even shittier editing most of the time. Why do we all put our faith and base our opinions off of what we see in the news? Large corporations out for ratings and could give a fuck less how it effects the world around them. Be smart, look at all the facts. Some people NEED to be shot by cops, some are completely innocent, and that shit will continue to happen as long as there are criminals, and people sent in to keep order. So, forever basically. Skin color doesn’t automatically decide guilt, facts do. Just because someone is black doesn’t mean they should get shot, and just because they are black doesn’t mean they are a victim. Skin color shouldn’t even weigh in, but the media has made everyone insane. Some people are even proud that they watch the news. “I am always up to date on current affairs, I watch the news everyday.” No, you watch a shit show circus act meant to elicit an emotional response from you so that you talk about what’s going on, and point people back to their articles. Please stop making everything about race, we are not all victims and need some bullshit cause to get through a boring week. Can we all just go back to laughing at cat memes?


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  1. You make a lot of sense here. However we also get our hard drives filled with data provided by our parents, teachers, and friends, as well as from primary sources. We need to sort through all of it, weighing the validity of the sources as we form our opinions. It’s a shame many do form their opinions based only on 30-second sound bytes when so much more information is available.

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