Author Kyle Perkins

The Hive.

By Kyle Perkins.


I have created a group called “The Hive,” that is meant to bring in authors and have them all contribute as a whole towards creating exposure to the collective within. Why work so hard on marketing, pimping, and promoting when we can have all of our fans and readers in one group. So, say there are three authors, and each author has three fans. In the group, if one of the authors was to promote their book, it would be to nine readers, instead of three.

I made this community so we could pull our resources and help those of us inside the group, all while keeping out the riffraff and things that give the community a bad name.

We want like minded people. Authors with a sense of humor, no one that is too sensitive. We want people that see being an author as more than a hobby, people that represent the community well. We will do anything to help you, we just expect the same in return.

Interested in joining? Click here.

If this sounds like a cult to you, then good. Cults are actually pretty fun until they start serving the Kool-Aid. =D

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