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The Alt-Right: How did this happen?

Let me start by saying that the whole “right vs. left,” thing is no longer a matter of preference that you can just brush off. This is a matter now of good vs. evil. If someone you know is trying to keep republicans in power, they are selfish, and evil. There is no reason to mince words.

It all started a few years ago when lgbt people, people of color, and women were trying to get an even playing field. They were making the news, and the public was finally addressing issues that had been otherwise dormant for these groups of people. This of course, made christian white folks very angry. Those christian white folks then started groups to complain about these people, calling them “whiners,” etc, and started building a somewhat silent rage about these things.

Over time, people started to get a bit more vocal, especially after people like Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannopoulos began touring the country and echoing their beliefs. Christian white folks loved the idea of being special without having any quality of being special, or having to do anything whatsoever that would be deemed special. To these groups, just paying your taxes and being employed somehow makes you special(if you’re white), and makes your opinions hold more weight(if you’re white). Of course, gay people, Mexicans, millennials, etc all work and pay taxes, but they don’t let that get in the way of their narrow world view.

Enter Donald Trump. Finally, the white christian nation had a voice, and that voice used small words and catchphrases that the average white christian (See: Hick) could understand. He didn’t play ball with Washington, hell, he didn’t even do a single thing that a respectable person running for the position would do. The white christian nation loved him. To them, he was their savior. He talked like them, hated the same people they hate, and made a lot of promises that made underperforming white men squeal with excitement.

Harder working Mexicans who take less pay to do the same task taking your job? Trump will stop them with a wall!

Washington passing laws to raise taxes for the infrastructure that you use every single day of your life? Not anymore! Trump is going to drain that swamp!

Did a woman have the audacity to swerve out of her lane and run for president? Not on his watch! He will flat out put her in fucking PRISON.

Of course, none of his campaign promises were ever fulfilled. In fact, everything Trump has done so far has made it easier for corporations to fuck us. Don’t tell someone from the right that, though. They will apologize and make excuses for him. Just bring up the 17 indictments and 5 guilty pleas so far for people who worked for or with Trump, and wait.

Now, people who have an education, or can string together words with more than two syllables are called, “elites,” as a way to further separate “us,” from “them.” You know the hard working, blue blooded, blonde haired, aryan, christian, goose stepping, nation and the “others.” Fox News has cashed in on this whole “them vs us,” narrative by continually pumping out extremely right biased news segments geared towards the ignorant, and since the ignorant are the majority, Fox has done exceptionally well for themselves.

With Trump in office, it’s given legitimacy to every racist, or superiority complex out there. It’s put these people in first place, and let them come out of hiding for the first time in fifty years. It’s now totally socially acceptable to treat other human beings like subhuman filth, as long as it’s your politics! The right uses the republican ideology as a security blanket. A shield from criticism while they call mass shooting victims “crisis actors,strip children from families at our borders, undo planned parenthood, etc.

The sad part is, most of them still see themselves as “good people,” and “not racist.” Which is laughable considering they consistently vote in people who make it a lot harder for other groups of people.

It all goes back to the law of triviality. The more simplex a topic or argument, the more people will talk about it(due to it being within their range of comprehension). So, while most people are incapable of understanding the complexity of global trade, Trump can say “we’re getting a bad deal,” and people will be up in arms. They can understand that.

It also may be hard to grasp the complexities behind sociology, behavioral studies, gun crime statistics. So, watching a Fox News segment telling you that the real problem is “people don’t spank enough,” sits a little better with them.

No one wants to face uncomfortable truths. The uncomfortable truth is that we aren’t the best nation in the world, not by a long shot. Another uncomfortable truth is that most of the world has better gun control policies, and a lot less mass shootings. So, it makes them feel good to know that they did the “right thing,” by spanking, because their kid didn’t shoot up a school, completely disregarding the fact that they have absolutely no idea if the shooter was spanked or not.

Another uncomfortable truth is that most of the first world has healthcare figured out. They invest in the health and education of their people, because it makes sense in the long run to have healthier, educated, and happy people. So, when Fox or Trump says that people “just need to work harder or get jobs,” it makes them feel good. It’s not happening to them, so it must not be happening to anyone! Maybe if people just got a JOB they could afford healthcare. Totally disregarding that universal healthcare, education, and not stressing about their impending death might be beneficial to them, too.

Which brings me to another point. The right needs to punch down to feel good about themselves. They shit on people who they see as “beneath them,” because it makes them feel okay about their shitty existences. Oh, and if you’re not beneath them, just wait until it’s time to vote again. They’ll make sure that you are next go around. Instead of rising as a species, they just want to be “better,” than the next person without doing anything to make themselves better, and that is the republican way. They will never say it, but they believe that the worst white man, is better than the best black man. This is why Obama got so far under their skin. Especially Trump’s. Obama had all of the things Trump couldn’t buy. Like respect and class.

The Russians saw this as an amazing opportunity and began spreading fake news to destabilize the west. Any racist thought that a white christian has ever had was turned into an article, and the masses ate it up, because again, the general public is very stupid. Trump, being Trump, used this to his personal advantage and began calling everything that wasn’t a positive spin on his beliefs and policies “fake news.”

So, now he has a cult-like following of people who worship him. Any and all news that criticizes Trump, facts or not, are considered fake by him and his followers. Which, makes it impossible to argue. You can show a flat out fact painting Poppa Trump in a bad light, because you know, reality, and his followers will dismiss it as fake. The keen observer will notice that most religions follow this policy. How can you prove a negative? How can you educate when everything is fake if it doesn’t echo their beliefs? Short answer: You can’t, and that’s what makes this administration dangerous.

This is why Trump can pass laws that actually fuck the same people who voted for him, and they will take the hot shots on the face with a smile, licking up every drop. Because if you say “Hey, I’ve looked into this and it’s actually bad for you. Here are the statistics, studies, and research done so far,” they will shrug it off as fake. Plus, if it’s too hard to understand, they will revert back to whatever talking point Fox and Friends used that morning to justify it.

This is why the right is dangerous. They can justify immoral shit with impunity, while citing their politics. If anyone questions it, they are just some “JobLesS LiBcuCk,” trying to infringe on their persecuted way of life, and spreading fake news about their Dear Leader.

They are the biggest snowflakes of all, though they will claim the opposite. Starting a borderline holy war over if someone should be allowed to kneel during the anthem, boycotting starbucks and target over their fair and humane treatment of people, and going into a full grown adult hissy fit anytime a feminist or minority complains about their situation.

So again, this is no longer a matter of opinions, this is a fight of good vs. evil. The reason they don’t want to discuss politics with disagreeing family isn’t because they don’t want to argue, because they do. They don’t want to have to face reality, and they have to do that every time they step out of their echo chambers. This is why they’ve created the narrative of “everything I don’t agree with is false.” Shit, even their president used this tactic to get their votes and support. He even admitted it.

I know this is long winded, but fuck the alt right. They are nasty, vicious, and attack innocent people on a regular basis for having a different opinion than they do, and the sad part is, they think they are winning, despite the rest of the first world disagreeing. “Fuck it if I’m poor and sick, as long as that minority over there is poorer and sicker!” They are undoing a hundred years of progress. They are going to make life hell for the generations after us,  and yet they still smugly show up in every comment section which people are intelligently discussing the state of the world, and just word vomit bullshit at the people involved. That is, until you bring up reality, then they usually make a quick exit, accusing you of posting fake news or calling you a “cuck,” before returning to their echo chamber and telling tales of their epic “win.” Not only fuck the alt right, but fuck anyone who even leans right. They stand in the way of progress and social change. They lean on religion to control people, just as kings have done in the past. They are pure evil, and anyone who follows them or believes how they believe is also an evil shit bag. Fight them at every turn. Make them feel stupid. Correct them at every opportunity. Thankfully the boomers will be dead soon, and maybe then, real change can happen.

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