Author Kyle Perkins

Ten gift ideas for writers.

By Kyle Perkins.

So, I have decided that I may periodically list cool items or services that might benefit the indie community. Things that will make life a little easier for authors.

10. Waterproof Notepad.


Ever notice how your best ideas come at the most inopportune moments, and you have to either drop what you’re doing and scramble for a pen, or have to rely on your memory to save ideas? Well, if you’re anything like me, your memory sucks. So being able to save ideas in at least one place you normally couldn’t is a godsend. Who says you can’t wash your armpits and write the ending to your novel at the same time? Heretics, that’s who.

Check out the waterproof notepad here.

9. LED Mechanical Keyboard.


I have found that most of my ideas come at night, once the world has gone quiet. I feel more comfortable writing in the dark and feel it adds to immersion, making it easier to imagine yourself in your story. However, you still need to be able to see your keyboard.

Many keyboards light up, so why a mechanical? Well, a mechanical keyboard gives you feedback. You really feel like you’re doing something as you type out your books. Not only that, but they are extremely durable. It will feel just as new in five years as the day you unpackaged it. It has the feel of an old school typewriter/common day keyboard hybrid.

I like to feel like a mad steampunk scientist when I write, I don’t know about you.

Find it here.

3. Coffee.


Regular coffee no longer doing it for you? Then drink the world’s strongest. WARNING: Just drink one cup, or risk accidentally cleaning your house, mowing your lawn, starting a neighborhood watch, pressure washing your house, and filing your entire family’s taxes before 9am.

Find it here.

4. Space pen.


Tired of being held back by the sorcery of physics? Say no more, fam!

Now you can write upside down, hanging like a vampire if you wish it. (Some of my best books are written in vampire form). In all seriousness, this is awesome for if you wake up in the middle of the night and want to quickly jot something down, but also lack the willpower to get up. (Often the case for me).

Get it here.

5. LED Night Light Book


Okay, so this one is just cool. Light up your desk with some fucking class. Just open this book and light up your writing cave, then recharge with USB. Simple.

Get it here.

6. Scented candles.


Why shouldn’t your house smell like an ancient library while you write? If my house doesn’t smell how I imagine The Library of Alexandria would have smelled, I don’t even bother getting out of bed. I mean, what’s the point?

Get it here.

7. This shirt.


You know how they say that people should come with warning labels? That extends to authors, too. People should be alerted to the fact that they may become immortalized as a talking pus filled boil if they aren’t careful.

Get it here.

8. Digital voice recorder.


So, obviously there will be times when you have an idea when you aren’t in bed, the shower, or near a computer. That’s when a digital voice recorder comes into play. Plus, it’s a lot easier than writing ideas down. This will have many more applications than just writing, for instance, I use it to tell myself that I’m handsome.

Get it here.

9. Tea.


Believe it or not, there are people among us that do not drink coffee. They get through the day on either blood magic, or a pact with Satan. Either way, I don’t trust them or their dark wizardry. These people can usually be found drinking something called “tea.” I don’t understand it myself, but I hear it’s very delicious to non coffee drinking heathens.

(All kidding aside, I’ve had a cup of these loose leaf teas every night since I started the Teabreeze series.)

Get it here.

10. Bath Robe.


Finally, a comfy bath robe. Honestly, bath robes should be standard attire for any author, and if you’re an author, you should never be obligated to wear anything else. When I leave my house, I want to look like a fucking wizard. A word wizard. A wizard of words. I mean, what are author signings for if not to showcase your wizard wear? I started writing to enjoy a life free from bosses, having to leave my house, and dress codes. So, if I can’t dress like a wizard, then this was all for nothing.

Get it here.

Hope you dig my list. Got anything to add that I might have missed?

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  1. What a fun post. It made me wish I WERE a novelist so I could wear the cool tea shirt. I sit here exploring the blogging world in my “warm wooly” bathrobe (leopard print no less) sipping Dark Roast from Aldi’s. Life is good. I could use all of the things you showed. Think I’ll forward your post to Santa.

      1. You should have corrected my “tea shirt” to “tee shirt”. Although I drink coffee and I also have a tea drawer in my kitchen kind friends contribute to when they (or their grandchildren) bring back for me as a souvenir of their travels. I have such good friends who give me frequent presents (undeservedly). My house if full of them. Everything in it has a backstory of who gave it to me, where it came from (sometimes a garage sale) and what the “occasion” was. Sometimes I just sit here, look around, and meditate on how blessed I am with good, thoughtful friends.

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