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Tampa Indie Author Book Convention!



So, I have been looking for indie book conventions, festivals, signings, and whatever else that can get an author our their among their fans in the Tampa area for a while now. I have found a couple but they are booked way in advance and are very genre specific. I wanted to find one that encompassed all genres from all authors. So, I decided to start one.

Virginia Johnson and I are working on a few ideas, and trying to see if we could get some interest from either indie authors in the area, or abroad. If we get enough interest, we’d make a site for it, find a venue, hotels, transportation, and whatever else anyone needs. We just need to know who among you would like to take a trip down to Tampa, Florida in 2017. =)

If you’re interested, please fill out this form here.

If enough of you sign up, we will be making another site to keep tabs on it as we develop!


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