Author Kyle Perkins

While there are amazing shows on TV like Mr. Robot, Humans, The Walking Dead, The Leftovers, and Silicon Valley, there is something darker on television hiding in plain sight. Something absolutely diabolical. That something of course, is Manbearpig. I’m just kidding. It’s actually reality TV. So, for the first time […]

Have you read Teabreeze yet? If not, this is your chance! It will be free for this weekend only. Hope you guys enjoy it! Just click here!

I just want to give a huge thank you to everyone that came forward, as well as a thank you to everyone that was brave enough to share their story with me. In the indie world, it’s hard to know which move will be the move that kicks the hornet’s […]

By Kyle Perkins. I understand the reason some authors feel that they need to censor their thoughts or words, but it just isn’t the case. I sort of understand famous celebrities and authors censoring themselves(just because they are examples to millions of people), and publicly apologizing for any slight or offense […]

By Kyle Perkins. Okay, within the next couple of days, there should be massive updates to the site. Right now, it has plenty of functionality, but I plan to add a lot more. We have 150 members in just two days since I started it, and I plan to just […]

So, this is probably a silly question seeing as a community of authors is usually broke, but… If I want this new network to grow, I’ll need a lot of space. Meaning I will need to eventually host this outside of my author website, in its own domain, on another […]

By Kyle Perkins   I just swapped over from to a self hosted and the difference is like night and day. So much freedom! Anyway, if you were a follower on my site before, please subscribe again! =) Oh, and check out the new features!

By Kyle Perkins Technically, you don’t have to deal with them. What’s stopping you from selling your books on your own site? Well, the answer is “nothing really,” but you have to be a little crafty. One of the most obvious things you can do, is use sites like Smashwords, though you’ll still […]

by Kyle Perkins. This week we have the amazing Brianna West with us. She’s a good sport, so let’s get started. Question 1: So, who are you, and what do you write? Well, hello there…I’m the sexy and super awesome Brianna West. I write paranormal/fantasy romance that is heavy in action, sexy […]