Author Kyle Perkins

While there are amazing shows on TV like Mr. Robot, Humans, The Walking Dead, The Leftovers, and Silicon Valley, there is something darker on television hiding in plain sight. Something absolutely diabolical. That something of course, is Manbearpig. I’m just kidding. It’s actually reality TV. So, for the first time […]

By Kyle Perkins. I understand the reason some authors feel that they need to censor their thoughts or words, but it just isn’t the case. I sort of understand famous celebrities and authors censoring themselves(just because they are examples to millions of people), and publicly apologizing for any slight or offense […]

By Kyle Perkins Technically, you don’t have to deal with them. What’s stopping you from selling your books on your own site? Well, the answer is “nothing really,” but you have to be a little crafty. One of the most obvious things you can do, is use sites like Smashwords, though you’ll still […]

by Kyle Perkins. This week we have the amazing Brianna West with us. She’s a good sport, so let’s get started. Question 1: So, who are you, and what do you write? Well, hello there…I’m the sexy and super awesome Brianna West. I write paranormal/fantasy romance that is heavy in action, sexy […]

By Kyle Perkins and Virginia Johnson. When I see something wrong happening in our community, I call it out. Now, some may hate me for that, but my hope is that far more people appreciate it. I feel that authors should all have a fair shot at success and have […]

by Kyle Perkins. I have been an author for nearly a year now and have seen and been in several “indie book award” events. The problem is, most of them are made with a clear agenda to either get some friends a few shiny new titles, or for the coordinators to […]

by Kyle Perkins. This is going to be a bit of a rant, so forgive me. The United States has had its problems since its conception. From slavery, to the great depression, to pretty much spawning ISIS. Though, I’m not here to talk about how we thwart leaders in other […]

By Kyle Perkins. This week we have with us, Krihstin Zink! Question 1: Well, who are you, and what do you write? I’m KZ: wife/mama/editor by day, and adult fiction writer when time permits. Question 2: Not happy about the wife part. The world is unfair. So what else do you […]

by Kyle Perkins.   I have said on many occasions that I love putting easter eggs in all of my books, you know, to see who pays attention? Well, it’s more than that. They actually all occur within a multiverse. Meaning all of my books are connected. So, since some […]