Author Kyle Perkins

By Bonny Capps My horror writing journey began a year ago when I was riding along in a bumpy semi, learning to live with very little, and enjoying the vagabond life. My starry eyes were set on the prize – a bestselling book – but, it seemed that would never […]

  Before I start my little list of the five ways one successfully (or unsuccessfully) maintains a professional status as both mother and author, I’d like to acknowledge that, for the most part, many of us exist and many of us are just as pent up, desperate, and in dire […]

By Sondi Warner As a ghostwriter for nearly a decade, I’ve worked with major publishing houses, established authors, amateurs and content mills, and along the way I’ve seen the publishing industry from an interesting perspective: The Bottom Up. Here are the 10 Things You Only Learn by Being a Ghostwriter: […]

by Melissa Robitille I’m a freelance editor. There are two ways of looking at that. I’m taking your precious manuscript and I’m honing and polishing it so that it will be the best it possibly can be. OR… I’m taking your manuscript, your hopes and your dreams and I’m mercilessly […]

So, I got a little curious about what compels someone to use a pen name. Good thing I had my buddy, Lila Vale, on hand to explain it to me. She decided to give me her reasoning in list form, like any rational person. (I’ll probably end up doing a […]