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Week 8 Writing Prompt Winner!!! Prompt: One second you’re in your house, the next you’re standing in a living room surrounded by three demons. They drop their Ouija board and scream as they run to their bathroom and lock the door. “I told you we shouldn’t have touched it!” Winner!!! […]

by Kyle Perkins.     Not saying that I condone book piracy, or piracy of any kind, but trying to defeat piracy is a pointless and time consuming venture that will only end in pain. Don’t believe me? Click here. Here. Here. Or here. The way that torrenting work is, when […]

by Kyle Perkins       Time for our weekly Bizarre Interview! This week we have the amazing Virginia Johnson! Question 1: So, what kind of stuff do you write? I write erotica, suspense and horror. Dabbling a little in sci-fi. Question 2: What is your idea of a horrible […]

by Kyle Perkins   Sorry everyone! It’s been a really busy week! Let’s just jump right into this week’s interview with Jaime Russell!   Question 1: So, what kind of stuff do you write? Hearts and flowers with romance with some erotica thrown in. Question 2: So what made you […]

by Kyle Perkins.     As most of you now know, the other day I wrote an article that somewhat went viral. These are eight things I learned during that experience.   1. You’ll lose friends. No, this is not a joke. If you have an opinion on the internet […]

by Kyle Perkins.     So, the other day I made a blog post about something that was bothering me in the indie book community… I expected that post to maybe reach a couple hundred people in my network that were being manipulated by shady authors. Little did I know […]

By Kyle Perkins.   First off, let me start by saying that using a pen name is ABSOLUTELY OKAY AND SOMETIMES NEEDED! There is nothing wrong with using a pen name. With that out of the way, let me explain something that really bothers me about the indie community. My […]

This week’s SpecFic writing prompt winner is S.J. Wolford!!!   The prompt this week was: A world famous magician randomly selects someone from the audience to assist in an illusion. Little does the magician know, the volunteer is capable of real magic.   This was her entry: “They say he’s […]

By Kyle Perkins So, a lot of people don’t seem to understand the implications of having ADHD and being an author at the same time. It leads to a lot of discomfort in friendships, people thinking you are lazy, and many other things I will catalogue in this article. I […]