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by Kyle Perkins. Because even though I am thirty years old, I am still basically a child. This proves it. This is a smutty short story about a wereslug. Yep, you read that right. Enjoy! Click here to download Slugstruck. I apologize in advance. My fans made me do it. […]

By Kyle Perkins. This week we have with us, Krihstin Zink! Question 1: Well, who are you, and what do you write? I’m KZ: wife/mama/editor by day, and adult fiction writer when time permits. Question 2: Not happy about the wife part. The world is unfair. So what else do you […]

By Kyle Perkins. Okay, I missed a couple of weeks. I will make it up by doing an interview today, and one midweek. =) Today we have GM Scherbert with us! Question one: Who are you and what do you write? GM Scherbert and i write romance- usually MC or BDSM inclined. […]

I had so much fun doing this! I hope you guys enjoy listening! You can find me at the 1:00 hour mark. //

By Kyle Perkins.   This week we have Bonny Capps with us, and I’m excited to get started!   Question 1: So, who are you and what do you write? My name is Bonny Capps and I write horror and erotic/horror. Question 2: Fun stuff. Do you ever write stuff […]

By Kyle Perkins.   Forgive the picture, I didn’t really know what to put there with the theme of this post. lol. Just wanted to say, that if any of you would like to be interviewed, do a guest blog, or have anything you’d like me to share, please don’t […]

By Kyle Perkins.   I’m not here to talk about what went down at a recent signing, or the new book that was released to shame an author. I’m here to talk about the cancer invading every aspect of the indie community that seems to be growing by the day. […]

By Kyle Perkins.   This week we have V Kelly Author with us. I don’t know too much about her yet, so I guess we will meet her as a team. SCORE!   Question 1: So, what do you write? I write a little bit of everything. Currently, I’m focusing […]

By Kyle Perkins.   Sorry for the delay, guys! Today’s interview is with Melissa Robitille. I got a week behind, but all is well again. Let’s jump right in.   Question 1: So, who are you? What do you write? I’m Melissa Robitille, author, editor, book interior designer, book cover designer… […]