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My sudden beef with Adam Reese.

So, as some of you know, recently I was involved in a bit of drama with Adam Reese, a professional “that guy with a guitar again/author.” Well, due to Adam blocking literally anyone who makes sense of this self created drama, I have to now post to my website in order to get the truth out.

The story that Adam and Harlow Kane are feeding their dipshit and easily fooled fan base, is that I stole Adam’s group out of some passion and rage filled jealousy fit to “steal,” his fans and I dunno, probably take over the world. That’s what evil villains usually do, right? Well, the truth is far less sinister, and more of a display of ineptitude on his part.

As it turns out, Adam left his fan group(being the admin in charge), so that he could “go make a baby.” He needed two months off from being a hobby writer to fuck his wife. No, I’m not making that up.

When he left his group, Facebook made the group to where anyone could take it over as the new admin, as they do with every Facebook group when all admins leave. Then, someone took over the group and changed the name to “Dicky Dicky Moist Moist,” which, while incredibly stupid and childish, is pretty funny. The absurdity of it. So, I changed my group name to it, piggybacking off of the joke.

Now, despite people telling Adam and Harlow over and over that I had nothing to do with their group being stolen, and that I had actually only changed the name of my group to the same name as his stolen group, Harlow and Adam have taken it upon themselves to declare war on me, and are actively trying to convince people that I am out to steal his fans.

And you’ll notice that with her two likes, some people are actually buying it. That’s nothing new, or surprising. Facts are a complete inconvenience to the mindless hordes carrying their pitchforks when they find a new random target in the indie community. So, Adam and Harlow will likely continue to trash me to anyone who will listen, because honestly, it’s the most action they’ve had in months(aside from Adam, his fucking is apparently a Broadway production, where they bring extras into the room to fan their sweaty bodies and feed them grapes in between labored thrusts, hence his logical need for two months off), and they are attempting to use me as a stepping stone for his come back. Which, I mean he has used me before, when he was in my group and I allowed him to pimp his, go live, and even vouched for him to my fan base when he was a complete unknown to the indie world(back before the big head).

See below for Adam’s comments about me.

“Reputable authors”

*very next breath* “Gaming channel”

The only reason he is “reputable,” is because of my contribution to his reputation. I don’t want his fans, and in fact, have cleaned house of most of the dick chasing middle aged women who only follow authors in hopes to flirt with them behind their husband’s backs, ages ago. There are two types of fans in this industry, and it’s people who love a good book, regardless of how an author looks in their bio, and there are women who follow male authors around like groupies follow a band. I don’t need the latter and have done my absolute best to “offend,” them right out of my life. Adam on the other hand, caters to them with his guitar.

When confronted with the truth(I even tagged Harlow), she deleted me. Adam, also when confronted with the truth, blocked anyone who didn’t share his narrative. The truth is, Adam fucked up and left his group open to complete strangers, and instead of admitting that he has no idea how the internet works, or that he fucked up, he needed a fall guy. Adam, who has been out of the loop(fucking 24/7 apparently), latched on and never let go from that story, because honestly, it brings attention to him and Harlow, and if they can get some sympathy out of this whole thing, then why, it was all worth it!

The best part, they KNOW EXACTLY who took over the group. LOL. They know it wasn’t me, and even have screenshots of the admins still in the group after the name change. They don’t let that pesky little fact get in the way of drama, though! They had nothing to gain from random pimpers who took over their group(that they left open), they needed a somewhat well known author in the community to fuel his comeback.

In short: Fuck Adam, fuck Harlow, and fuck their unwarranted accusations which holds zero merit. If anything, it’s just another testament to his and her character. I’m not sure what they expected to come from this, or what they thought I’d do when they falsely accused me of shit, but I’m not going to quietly ignore it. Maybe next time they should get their facts straight before hurling accusations, or maybe when they’ve been outed, apologize for attacking innocent people over their bullshit assumptions(though, they don’t seem to be slowing down any, even when the facts stare them and their fans in the faces).

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  1. I only read about 1/2 of the above drama with Adam Reese post, because I just don’t get into other people’s drama. But I do have a very important question. Who the hell is Adam Reese?

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