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Start investing with Robinhood today.

I have written an article regarding Robinhood in the past, which detailed a way to use an algorithm to gain an edge in trading. However, since then, quantopian has dropped all support for Robinhood despite a public outcry against that decision. Their loss. The reason I am back today writing about this same topic again, is to stress the importance of this app, and how game changing it really is.

I’ll also get this out of the way. If you use my referral link to join, I’ll get a free stock. Here’s the good news. You’ll also get a free stock for using my referral link to join. There is no tricks, no gimmick. They want people to use their app, and are basically paying people in stocks to do so. Neat, right? Don’t forget, you can invite your own friends!

So, I have spoken in the past about how amazing Robinhood is for not only making trading free, but also making it super, super easy.

As you can see above,¬†that’s about as easy as it gets. That’s for the mobile app. A lot has changed since then and Robinhood has grown quite a bit. Before, they never had a way to trade within a browser, but they’ve revamped the site and added new features. Now practically anyone can trade, and for free(as long as you’re in the US and a few select other places, sorry!!!).

The new website is really intuitive and chalked full of great features.

Say that you’d like to buy Arista stocks. You get this detailed view of how the stock has done historically for the last five years.

You also get some interesting statistics about what analysts think of the stock, and how many people in Robinhood own it.

Say you do decide to buy, they have different types of orders that you can place, in order to protect yourself and your interests.

Below that, you’ll find information on the company, as well as tags taking you to other stocks in similar markets.

Even the latest news regarding the stock, so that you can attempt to gauge public opinion and sentiment towards it.

There are also helpful metrics which show the average of what people on Robinhood pay for each stock, along with the analyst rating.

The company’s projected and past earnings VS. actual.

…and finally what other people have bought, had they also bought this stock.

I could get more in depth on how to use the site, but it’s so simple that really anyone can understand it. It provides you all the tools you’ll need to get ahead, and start investing for your future. Another cool feature is that you can sign up to trade options, and even crypto. So, please get out there and start investing. Obviously there is no meaningful retirement waiting at the end of the road for our generation, and the only way to get ahead anymore is to invest or build apps.

Another important fact about this app, is that it is federally insured and completely secure, for those of you who may be oldschool, and sketched out by using an app to invest your hard earned money.

I’ll leave you with this video review! Enjoy!

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