Author Kyle Perkins

So, I made a retweet bot.

By Kyle Perkins.


Authors, if you want me to make you a twitter bot that automatically retweets your desired hashtag, just let me know.

(This is also good for pimpers!)

Basically, you can pick a hashtag like #ASMSG or #IARTG to encompass the indie community, and your twitter will automatically retweet the latest post on twitter with that hastag at the intervals you want.

(So three minutes, every 5 minutes, every hour and so on.)

You can even make a hashtag into your brand, like #YournameYourbooks and retweet any time someone mentions it.

Why is this important?

Well, not only does it gain you exposure, but it effectively helps other authors gain more exposure so it’s a win/win.

You’ll quickly gain followers and like minded people, and soon anything you tweet will be retweeted by your follower base.
(So you go from your tweets being unnoticed to having a ton of people retweeting everything you do. Making your marketing campaigns effective or any pimping you do.)

I’ll even put it on a server that you can watch in real time. (It will be your private cloud server.)

I’d like to do this for free, but it’s very time consuming and cuts into my writing. So, I am charging everyone a one time fee of $25. You are basically buying the app. I use it myself, so if it ever needs updated, I’ll be the first to know. (I’ll update everyone’s at once).

PS: If you once used Roundteam, you should check out their site again. They are now charging $12-$144 dollars a month to do less that my bot will do by a landslide.

Click Here if you’d like to learn more.

If you have questions, just comment below or message me on facebook. =)

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