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Up and running with my new water cooled PC.

I have always used a laptop for gaming, mostly because it was convenient. A gaming laptop, you can drag around with you anywhere, and you’re not confined to one spot to get any work or gaming done, which was its biggest appeal. Since then, I’ve switched gears a little, needing something with a bit more power that a laptop at present couldn’t give me. So, I built a water cooled rig.

If you want to build something similar, I will include a parts list below. There are thousands of videos online on how to build one, so I am not going to get into the details, but if you’re not a very advanced user, I would advise against it.


Thermal paste

Fan splitter

LED fans

Ethernet cord

Sound system

Gaming mouse

Noise canceling gaming headphones

Sick mouse pad

32gb LED ram

Graphics card


LED mechanical keyboard

Power supply




Jump starter




Pump bracket

Fittings(8 pieces)


Radiator fans

Tubing(3 pieces)

GPU waterblock

CPU waterblock

LED UV light strip




And now, pictures of the progress:

And that’s it!

Though, I do plan to switch from the opaque coolant to EKWB’s transparent “fill and forget” formula.

Transparent Coolant

Which is the only change I would recommend, since opaque can and will break down eventually(plus stain tubing). Consider something low maintenance if you want to be done with your PC for about a year after all of that work, it would be a good idea to go with an easy coolant with low viscosity.

If you would like to watch a video on watercooling, JayzTwoCents or LinusTechTips are great places to start.


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