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***Trigger Warning*** This book contains adult content. Reader discretion is advised. This is book one of several installments to be released in a serial format. May contain cliffhangers.

Alex Jacobs is a mess and it’s his own damn fault. His addiction to alcohol has driven his life into the ground and his girlfriend into the welcoming embrace of a community of hippies living deep in the Florida backwoods. Despite Eve’s insistence to the contrary, Alex knows it’s a cult and he knows she needs to be saved from these wackos before she’s in too deep with their secretive order.

Determined to win Eve back, he seeks out Teabreeze. Who are these people? Why is Eve so drawn to them? Does she even want to be saved?

Answers only bring more questions, and as they learn more about Teabreeze and its inhabitants, it becomes clear that there is more to this group than meets the eye.

5 reviews for Teabreeze

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Victoria Berfet

    Once again Kyle Perkins and Lila Vale delivered an awesome read. This book does venture into cults and alcoholism so an opened mind is needed to read this book. With that being said this was a great read that had you wanting more from the beginning to the end making it next to impossible to put down once I started reading. This book will not disappoint on the adventure the main characters embark on. The truth that they do find is a wicked twist I did not see coming but loved it. This is a must read.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Virginia Johnson

    Teabreeze is the story of Alex and Eve.

    Eve is an adult, supporting her less than adult boyfriend, Alex. When Eve has had enough, Alex encourages her to join a ‘self-help’ group. Of course, he wouldn’t see her problems as his, so he doesn’t question the increase in the amount of time she is spending with them.

    The more time Eve spends with her new ‘group’, the more time Alex can spend with Nick, the best friend, heavily intoxicated or completely hungover. His inability to see his actions are directly affecting Eve, leaves is little time to save her from the future he forced her in to. He is damned to let her go without a fight, well as soon as he sobers up.

    When reality sets in, Alex realizes Eve has joined a cult; not just any cult, but a dooms-day cult. Having staged an intervention, secrets are revealed and the truths behind Eve leaving become increasingly clearer.

    Her importance to the ‘group’ keep Eve loyal to their cause, but Alex may not be as lost to her as once thought.

    This book is filled with surprises and a modern time look at the inside of the life of a cult. The beliefs and the behaviors that you would expect and be surprised proves that Kyle and Lila executed this reality to perfection. This is exactly what I would think a cult to be; aside from the sex and tea… Oh yeah THERE IS SEX! Hot steam room sex!
    OMG! Where do I begin?
    Alex and Eve left us with a conclusion to one problem and a introduction to another. They couldn’t catch a break, no matter how hard they fought. Fate on their side, they found their way back to eachother.
    With that said, part Two brings you deeper in to the world of a cult and the reasoning behind why they exist! Alex fights against the grain, knowing cults are a plague. Eve is satisfied with the ‘new’ Alex, leaving her torn between her gut instincts and her comfort zone.
    The twists and the turns in this book will leave you with questioning everything you thought you knew. The sci-fi aspect carefully designed is a surprising treat, making me think one thing…
    “When a belief becomes an outbreak, who can you trust and when do you know which side you should be on.”
    Kyle Perkins & Lila Vale take the readers on an adventure that could not only be possible, but pushes the boundaries of beliefs that most of us have grown up with.
    There is no right or wrong reader for this book. If you want a book that captivates you, reels you in and keeps you begging for more, READ THIS BOOK!!!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jennifer Long

    Part 1
    Teabreeze is everything you want in a cult book and more. It starts out with plenty of humor, but quickly turns into a, perhaps otherworldly, mystery that isn’t going to be solved in just one installment. Eve and Alex are the perfect dysfunctional couple. They are the couple you cheer on because deep down you know they’re meant for each other; they are ying and yang. Now, to be fair, there are some off the wall scenes in here, it is a cult book after all. When you shake your head in bewilderment, as I did on multiple occasions, remember this.

    Kyle and Lila were destined to write together! The story is seamless and the points of view differ in writing style only ever so slightly. They are the perfect mix of sweet and pilgarlic, with each chapter taking the story one step further on its grand adventure in a harmonious fashion. The story moves at a very fast pace and I couldn’t put this down; it demanded to be read all at once. Now if they’d hurry up and get part two out, that would be great.

    Part 2
    Whoa, what just happened here?!!! Book two takes things more than a step farther into sic-fi category as the now banished duo, Alex and Eve, must figure out what’s really going on in the world. The way that religion, myth, and sic-fi are blended together in this seamless tale is fascinating and makes it impossible to put this book down. Vale and Perkins are marvelous writing partners and their styles complement each other perfectly. The action and momentum builds at a fast pace until the huge climax at the end. Not a huge cliffhanger on the last page, but I know I’m not even close to done with this story and will immediately be back to pestering them for the next installment.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    kelly duggan

    I guess most people would wonder what could drive an intelligent person to join a cult. Living with an alcoholic is the hardest thing to do because there will always remain the love you had for that person in the beginning but they do start to strip it away with their selfish behaviour. What I enjoyed about this was how ‘true’ it rang. The author either did some great research or called on personal experience. I felt for Eve, I’ve been Eve and I would have sought out any relief from life as well. It’s a constant battle and your confidence takes a beating when you realise alcohol has become more important than your relationship.
    Again – THE ENDING, you’ve gotta stop leaving me hanging like that, I can’t take it. I’m happily reading along, engrossed in the story and then WHAM, the pages will no longer turn and I realise it’s over. I love this authors diversity, not sticking to one particular genre and writing in each one so well. Please write faster (I know that’s a big ask) but I need the next book in each of the ones I’ve read.
    Thank you muchly you evil genius!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Janneke Wolbers

    September 16, 2016 – Started Reading
    Review I loved this book… I like Alex! He says what he thinks even though he is an alcoholic and seems like a a**…
    Eve is a smart girl but still falls for the cult stuff…
    I really s*ck at writing reviews… especially big one’s… and i dont like giving spoilers… so just get it and read it…

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