Author Kyle Perkins

Kepler: Humanity’s Ark

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Orrin was born for the mission ahead of him; his team has nothing to lose and a livable planet to gain. Built for the elements and prepared for the worst, Orrin is Earth’s last chance for survival and he is determined to save humanity no matter the cost.

As the daughter of the Vaklarn Elite, Aya was adorned with every amenity available but she craved a life of freedom and independence. Betrothed to the man of her father’s choice, her chance at love was taken from her in the name of her ancestors until she comes face to face with the biggest threat her people have ever encountered; Orrin.

When two worlds collide, more than a fight for a home is on the line. Both have an objection; both have something to lose; both bend the bind that threatens to break in the name of strength, power, life and love.

3 reviews for Kepler: Humanity’s Ark

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Victoria Berfet

    I am at a loss for words while this story is still rolling around in my head. First I must say that Si-Fi is not my go to genre to read but I have read both author Kyle Perkins and Virginia Johnson’s work in the past and was intrigued to read a book that was co-authored by the two together and I was not disappointed. This book hooked me from the very beginning and held me captive to the very last page. The way these two authors are able to bring to life this beautiful planet without the over use of words at the same time provide loads of action and some blood and guts, a little suspense and innocent romance is a true talent. I would recommend this book to everyone that is looking for an exciting read.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jennifer Long (verified owner)

    I waited FOREVER for this book. Virginia and Kyle were constantly teasing me, torturing me with hints and snippets of what this book would be for months on end. I actually wondered if they were even writing a book or just enjoying the misery it was causing me. However, as now proven by its release, Kepler is not only a real book, but a fantastic example of exciting sci-fi! These two authors never waste words, so there are no boring passages to skip over, just pure action and a plot so twisted that I’d never find my way out of it if it were a maze. And speaking of mazes, I think an entire series of books could be written just about the cave and the bizarre world that it is in and of itself. While this may not be suitable for younger readers, there really isn’t any major romantic scenes, only innocent kissing, but this book won’t get a ‘G’ rating due to the violence. It will be awhile before I can get some of the more graphic moments out of my head. And that ending….I can’t really say anything about it without it turning into a spoiler, but wow, didn’t see that coming! Well done and most definitely worth the long wait!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Janneke Wolbers

    This book has been in the making for quite a while!
    I am not dissapointed! Absolutly loved this story!
    The writing between Kyle and Virginia flows nicely.
    I would love to read more from these 2 author together!

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