Author Kyle Perkins

Ecta: The Divide

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****Trigger warning. 18+ readers only as contains scenes of a sexual nature, violence and strong language.****
(This book is a prequel to a much larger book to be released soon)

For centuries, the people of Skywaard have been content in their industrial civilization in the clouds, isolated and separated from the primitive people of Ariviil with their strange potions and magic. They have been sequestered for too long, however, and resources are running low. The only way the people of the skies will survive is if they find a way to work with those who walk the lands.
That is where Sebastian comes in.
Up until now, he has lived a charmed life of debauchery, growing up in a noble ward left him wanting for nothing. Still, he finds the life of sex, drugs, booze, and women can leave a man feeling rather… empty. Driven by a longing for purpose, he abandons the comforts of Skywaard and departs for Ariviil.
He wants adventure, and he finds it. In walks the intoxicating little package that is Loriella.
She’s an outcast, ostracized for possessing a gift that the people of Ariviil fear. People always fear what they do not understand, even in a city built on magic. She accepted this fate a long time ago resigning herself to a life of isolation and loneliness… until she meets Sebastian. They say you crave what you need, and she needs him with every ounce of her being. Will he turn her away when he learns of her gift, just as her own people have done?
As the entwined souls from incompatible worlds try to negotiate a treaty between their people and navigate a romance doomed for disaster, they uncover an even darker reality brewing on the horizon that no one saw coming.
Will they be able to make peace among the chaos, or will it all end in war?

4 reviews for Ecta: The Divide

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Victoria Berfet

    This is a good short story with a lot of hot and steamy sex scenes. There is a great plot and the potential to be a great read. If the book was longer allowing the story to continue or use this book as a prequel to another book would be great. While I think this a good read and would recommend this book to anyone that wants a hot short story, I feel as soon as the real action was about to get started the book ended.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Virginia Johnson (verified owner)

    I loved this book! What a world that has been created by Samantha Harrington and Kyle Perkins!
    The world created within this book leaves you breathless. With a civilization separated hundreds of years ago, basic necessities are needed to sustain life in the sky. Sebastian is sent to negotiate trade between the separated societies; food for technology.
    Having the magical ability to absorb the pain that suffocates others, Loriella brings so much emotion to this read. When their worlds collide, the true connection between Sebastian and Loriella is developed throughout the book, creating a feeling of passion and need.
    Everyone over 18 should read this book! I loved this read and I anticipate more from these amazing authors!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jennifer Long

    A short, erotic steampunk story. Really, just a tease, but if youre looking for a quick read full of sex scenes, this is for you. If more developed, this would make a very fascinating tale; there is so much potential. Loriella and Sebastian make quite the intriguing pair and it would be fun to see more of them.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Janneke Wolbers

    A very naughty book… i loved it!! hope there will be a second one!!

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