Alternate Reality Games

By Kyle Perkins I first started my delve into the world of ARGs(click for the definition) way back in 2009, once I came upon a thread on 4chan about a girl being kept captive. At the time, none of us knew […]

Apologies for my absence.

As many of you know, I have been working hard on my latest book, “This is your trigger warning,” which will be out sooner than you think, but I have had a few snags. Writing isn’t my only profession. I […]

Sanguine Malum Pre-Order Contest

Hey y’all! Sanguine Malum is releasing soon! I can hardly believe it! Just polishing it up right now. I know I’ll feel a lot better when all my ducks are in a row… then again, I c… Source: Sanguine Malum […]

Indie Book Network: Remastered.

So, as many of you know, a while back I started an indie book network that was much like Facebook in a lot of ways, except free from all of the censorship. We tried to make it work, but unfortunately, […]

Updates to the site!

By Kyle Perkins We have added a ton of information on the front page of the site, and want to give everyone a chance to browse through it. Like we have said before, this convention is not your trad… Source: […]