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A new form of social media for authors, readers, and pimpers.

By Kyle Perkins.

So, if you thought my forum and self hosted website was a big fuck you to Facebook, just wait.

I have actually made a new social media platform. Think Goodreads/Facebook without censorship. It’s a place for authors and readers to come and hang out, show their work, and have a good time.

Think about it, how many times have you been banned from Facebook over a minor slight, or some asshole reporting you? You won’t have that here. You can create your own groups and promote within, or just do it on the global feed. (Which now in your groups, make your parties as dirty as you’d like.) How many times have you said “I wish there was something else,” or “I just want to quit Facebook?” Well, here’s your chance.

In the future, I will add more options for customization if there is enough interest. (Like adding videos, video chat, a mobile app, dislike button and so on.)

When you sign up, if you don’t get an email, don’t fret. I just need to validate you, then you’re good to sign in.

Right now it’s all in beta mode, so let me know what you think!

Click here to join.

PS: You don’t have to be an author to join. Anyone can!

5 Replies to “A new form of social media for authors, readers, and pimpers.”

  1. I would love to signup but the form won’t let me enter my birthdate (I’m on a mobile browser, if that makes a difference).

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