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MeWe VS. Facebook.

As many of you know, Facebook’s fastest growing demographic is people over the age of 65. As many of you also know, boomers are mostly responsible for turning everything they touch to shit, and Facebook is no exception. Talk to anyone under the age of thirty who you know, and they will tell you that “Facebook is for old people.” As with Myspace, when the older generation began arriving, the end was near. The younger generation wanted to distance themselves from the shit show that Myspace had become. Facebook came onto the scene and saved us all. Finally we had a place again, somewhere to go without old people trying to use their timeline as a Google search. However, Facebook is rapidly falling to the same fate. It’s no longer a cool place to go. It’s a massive corporation with shareholders, and those shareholders need to be appeased at all times. So, they begin censoring everything, sharing our private data with other companies, and shedding everything that made Facebook somewhere you’d want to be.

As with Myspace’s fall due to the arrival of Facebook, MeWe has arrived to stand on Facebook’s chest as it takes its last breath. MeWe is a new form of social media, with enough familiarity to make it inviting, but enough different about it to ensure that boomers stay far the fuck away from it(as they hate any change whatsoever).

So, let’s take a look at some of the cool features!

Free Storage:

By signing up for the site, you instantly have access to your own cloud. The site gives you 8gb which is a lot of space for pictures and what not. You can delete everything you want, anytime you want, and you can even download all content you’ve ever posted easily, and quickly.

Quick Deletion:

Ever notice how with Facebook when you want to delete your account, it isn’t really deleted, and instead sits there in limbo until you sign back in? Well, with MeWe, if for whatever reason you need to delete your account and everything you’ve ever posted, the process is quick and painless.


Groups are VERY easy to make, and manage. Not to mention MeWe also creates a group chat, which mixes the best of Facebook and Discord into one package. You can easily share content from a group to your wall, and manage permissions of what each “type,” of member can do.


The good news here is that MeWe takes an entirely different approach to censorship than Facebook. You ONLY see what friends post, so why censor anything? If you don’t want to see something that someone posted, or they offended you, you can just stop being their fucking friend. This thought process might be a little too complex to the giant pussies who sit around reporting everything that doesn’t align with their fragile sensibilities, but MeWe has seemed to figure this out. In Facebook, you can even be reported in private groups, for posting something that Facebook themselves flags as inappropriate, which could be something as small as a breastfeeding pic, or even a picture of a cloud, depending on their mood.


Planning a group party, meetup, or group takeover? Well, now you can schedule those things nice and neatly into a calendar and share the events with your group or friends without bombarding them with annoying invites.  It keeps you organized, too. You don’t need to have a third party app to manage when you should be wear, it’s all right in the header.


Now you can record clips of you speaking, in private messages, group chats, comments on posts, or even on your wall. So, if you don’t feel like making a long winded and rambly post in text, you can just drunkenly blurt out shit into your mic and post directly to your wall. Amazing!

Mobile Apps:

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The mobile app is fantastic, and is a lot snappier than the bloated shitware known as Facebook. It loads right up without issue, and zero lag. It also has the full functionality of the desktop version without anything removed. The best part? You don’t have to download two fucking apps just to use the platform. The “messenger,” side of it is integrated into the one app. This will save you a ton of room on your device.

Android | Apple

Post Reactions:

You know how Faceook only gives you a prealotted and “safe,” set of six reactions that you can add to any given post or comment? Well, in MeWe, you have access to hundreds of reactions. If you want to give something a thumbs down, nothing is stopping you here.

 Everything else:

Everything else works pretty much like Facebook. You can post to your timeline, chat with friends privately, etc. The only thing missing is pages, but pages are a bit redundant when all of that information can be put into a group or added to your profile anyway. Many authors are not allowed to use pen names because Facebook needs to know who you really are, you know, to properly sell your information. That problem doesn’t exist in MeWe. Use all of the pen names you’d like. Say what you want to say. It’s truly the freedom we’ve all waited a very long time for. Give it a shot yourself. If you like it, it gives you ways to easily invite people from your contacts. You might be surprised by who is already on the network. Many authors have started making the switch. It’s everything you want in a social media, without the added bullshit.

If you’d like to add me, just click the picture below, or use MeWe to scan the image(you get your own QR code, too!).

4 Replies to “MeWe VS. Facebook.”

  1. “boomers are mostly responsible for turning everything they touch to shit, and Facebook is no exception. ”

    Wow! I knew “old” is the new “n****r”…but have never seen it expressed so openly or so offensively. For shame!

    Karma’s a bitch, kid. Before you know it (not an exaggeration), you’ll be old, too.

    1. The fact that you believe that “old is the new n****r,” shows just how out of touch with reality your generation is.

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