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Mango Habanero Hot Sauce! (Bonus: Lime Jalapeno Hot Sauce!)

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve had a lot on my plate. Today, I received a new food processor in the mail, and obviously, I had to use it on everything in the house right away. In my early 20’s, I was pretty obsessed with hot sauces, salsas, extracts, you name it. Anything that would make you cry while eating it. I mean, if it doesn’t make you pray a little for your safety, is it even considered hot sauce?

After making my way through everything in the house, I realized that I hadn’t made hot sauce in a very long time, maybe eight years or so, and decided that had to change. So, I present to you, a couple of my hot sauces!

Ingredients in the Mango Habanero Hot Sauce: Carrots, red bell pepper, habanero, ghost pepper, mango, white vinegar, roma tomato, black pepper, paprika, black cypress sea salt, onion, and garlic.

Ingredients in Lime Jalapeno Hot Sauce: Jalapeno, lime, cilantro, serrano, garlic, onion, white vinegar, cumin, black pepper, black cypress sea salt.

Finally, the finished product! =D

Right now, I am in the process of starting some Carolina Reapers, as well as Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers from seeds, and waiting for my Naga Viper plant to produce more peppers. Then, I will update you all with some dope ass, nearly unbearable hot sauces.

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