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Just wanted to say thank you.

by Kyle Perkins.



So, the other day I made a blog post about something that was bothering me in the indie book community… I expected that post to maybe reach a couple hundred people in my network that were being manipulated by shady authors. Little did I know that the problem permeated through book communities across the planet. I knew the post might make me some enemies, but I am amazed at just how much support I have been given! Obviously, this is a bigger problem than I first thought, so much so that these catfishing accounts are scrambling to do damage control by trying to smear me in any way they can to capitalize off of the success of the original article. They can pull apart the article and find every single word they don’t like, take things out of context, or try and justify lying to their audience… But at the end of the day, they just link their fans back to my original article, where nothing but the truth has been written. If you aren’t using false images and a fake persona to manipulate women to buy your books, my post should not have offended you in any way. My post was against them, not honest authors using pen names. So, when you see these people going on rants, and trying to find any reason to hate me, chances are they are exactly who I’m talking about. Anyway, thank you all for the support, and all of the messages you have sent me! All I wanted was for people to be aware that there are authors out there that take advantage of people, and catfishing accounts using people. If someone is against that, then what kind of person are they? I have seen fake accounts pretending to be models that take money from authors so that the author can use their image on a book, then block the author. I have also seen fake models/authors giving permission for other people to use “their” image (That isn’t them) and the copyright holder come back after the innocent author that paid for it from the fraud. This isn’t innocent. I wish this was isolated and only happened a couple of times, but that isn’t the case unfortunately. Personally, I don’t care what someone looks like and that doesn’t influence my purchase history, and I’d say that’s the case with MOST people. This isn’t aimed at them. This is aimed after men/women misrepresenting themselves to sell books and capitalizing on loneliness in the community. In scams overseas where men pretend to be prince charming in order to con women out of money is heavily frowned upon, but do it in the book community and it’s “marketing”. Some might say that they personally wouldn’t fall for that and anyone that does deserves it. I disagree and consider that victim blaming. Instead, I want these women to have tools and the knowledge at their disposal to fish scammers out of their lives, nothing more. Like I said, the people that have complained about it either make money from this sort of scam as a scammer themselves, or by proxy as a book blog that promotes them. A lot of people feel the same way I do, and have seen it themselves. I just want people to be aware that it is happening.

Again, thank you for all of the support! You guys rock!

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  1. Honestly, I cannot believe the wrath that you have received from your original post!

    I saw it come through my FB newsfeed today, and although I have seen your name in one of my FB groups, I don’t know much about you, haven’t read your books (maybe I should – Romance?), and I haven’t ‘followed’ you anywhere (until today).

    I thought it was a very interesting and informative article actually. I love to read and new in the world of blogging, and I actually began because I was curious and wanted to get to know the authors/writers/readers more, Although I don’t really consider myself a naive person, I didn’t really think about authors using tactics like this in their marketing to draw followers. It hasn’t personally affected me (haha that I know of), but it is still good to know and keep in mind while traveling in the social media abyss. I would like to know who these authors are…yes curiosity killed the cat I know…However, good for you for speaking out and what’s wrong with letting people know? Paranoia is why many don’t like the PSA’s and most of the shit storm you received was taken out of context from what you wrote anyway. So, just my 2 cents too many which I usually kinda keep to myself, but I just find this whole thing completely ridiculous! Hang in there – I appreciate your honesty!

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