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It’s Okay To Be White.

Recently, 4chan started a new trolling campaign where they left fliers around campuses that read, “it’s okay to be white,” and the internet lost its mind. Now, why a large group of people would lose their mind over people saying that it’s simply okay to be a certain race is beyond me. Is it not okay to be white? Is this what we need to teach kids? Do we want an entire race of people growing up beyond 2017 who think it’s not okay to be themselves? You would think that certain groups of people, like POC and liberals, might not be complete hypocrites when it comes to condemning a group of people based on their race alone, but you’d be wrong.

The campaign was simple: Print out a flyer that says nothing more than “it’s okay to be white,” leave it at campuses, and behold the hypocrisy of the media, and people fighting for “equal rights.”

Can you guess what happened next?

I could post a lot more, but I think you get the idea. In 2017, for a large number of liberals and POC, it is perfectly acceptable to not only attack white people publicly, but the media gets in on it.


Apparently, there is now a manhunt, a fucking manhunt, for a person caught on camera leaving a piece of paper on a window that says nothing more than “it’s okay to be white.” Think about that for a second. Someone is facing expulsion, and possibly arrest for a hate crime, over saying it’s okay to exist.

If you asked me ten years ago, shit, even three years ago what I thought about white nationalists, I, like most people, would have probably had some pretty negative things to say. However, the media and general public are starting to change my mind. They are literally breeding hate groups across America and beyond. It’s not that I hate other races, but at some point, you have to start worrying about protecting yourself. In an age where people are threatened with arrest for saying that it’s okay to be white, isn’t it time to start worrying? Would black people not worry if they were threatened with the same? For the people who agree with police involvement, or that it’s not okay to be white, imagine for a second a manhunt over a POC posting a flier that says, “it’s okay to be black.” If you feel differently about that, you’re probably a racist.

The blatant racism of people who say they are actively fighting against racism has been pointed out many times. You have all seen it on the news, and all over social media, but for some reason, when it comes to white people, they simply are not protected against this sort of thing.

Now, if it were only people, just normal everyday people doing this type of shit, what can you do, right? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if far left liberals and certain POC want to hate white people hypocritically over nothing more than the color of their skin, that’s fine. We can look at them as morons and move on with our lives. The problem is, it’s not only normal people. In fact, these views are so commonplace among regular people that the media can be blatantly racist against white people and their ratings improve. They’re considered #WOKE if they shit on white people. We now live in an apologist society where the only time white people are accepted, is if they’re apologizing for shit that happened a couple hundred years ago, or actively saying how worthless they are for their lack of melanin.


Even MTV gets in on it with a “New Year’s Resolution,” to help white guys “be better.” Fucking okay.

Is there really any wonder why Donald Trump won the election, or #brexit happened? More and more white nationalist and right leaning parties are winning across the world, and every time it happens, people are absolutely fucking bewildered by it. “HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN IN 2017?!?!” Well, BECAUSE YOU’RE KEEPING FUCKING RACISM ALIVE! Of course they’re going to win. White people are feeling more and more backed into a corner. They may vote for a person or ideology they’d otherwise hate, simply for self preservation.

I, for the life of me, cannot figure out how these groups do not see the hypocrisy in their beliefs and what they say.

To make matters worse, apparently a lot of POC are in agreement that POC cannot be racist under any circumstance due to made up bullshit phrases like “institutionalized racism.” Which, apparently means that the United States has a dark and smoky room full of rich and powerful white men, who all sit around smoking cigars and conjuring up ways to make life harder for POC. Usually, insane conspiracy theories like this would be laughed out of the building, but nope, this is now the lore of 2017.

….and if you think I had to look hard for any of this stuff, well, I didn’t. Most of you can probably find examples of this blatant racism on your social media accounts alone. You don’t even need to take to Google. Now there are even cancerous groups like “Antifa,” which call all white men “Nazis,” sometimes, even their own members.

If you need to see thousands, if not tens of thousands of more examples of what I’m saying, just go to youtube and type in “SJW cringe.” Fuck, even Netflix gets in on the “fuck white people,” train.

Anyway, I’m done. You get the point. Apparently, merely existing as a white person is a hate crime in 2017, and you’re no better than a LITERAL NAZI if you don’t agree.

…and in case you were wondering, it is okay to be white. Just like it’s okay to be black, asian, hispanic, or anything else. Anyone who says otherwise is a fucking racist, including the #woke blogs, media sources, and domestic terrorist groups like Antifa.

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  1. I agree with you one million percent on this. And I’m a liberal! My side has lost sight of reason and this experiment that 4chan did perfectly demonstrates that.

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