Author Kyle Perkins

Interview with the ladies from Kyle's Sinners and Saints

By Kyle Perkins



So, I decided to interview the ladies from my personal Facebook fan group. This is shameless self advertising, but at the same time, I have a blog now, that is what they are for, right? I wanted to understand what compels someone to be a fan of an indie writer, and why they put so much time into pimping and promoting people for what a lot of people would consider “nothing”. Turns out, they all have varying reasons for doing what they do, and they seem to get as much out of it as the author. To me, I thought this thing was always kind of one sided, and felt bad that I couldn’t do more for them… (Broke new author, you know the deal.) Anyway, read up! *Brace for tl;dr*



Question 1: Why are you here? What do you get out of it?

Lisa: I was cuffed & stuffed & drug in here unwillingly …then I stayed cuz I love the random fun shit that happens with y’all, I get sneaks into your new books & I get to pick on you when you’re around.

Claudia: Because you asked nicely, I accepted and I get to meet a lot of great and funny people. Plus you are my Bon Bon!!

Jolene: I have made some friends being in the group. Have had interaction with some of the different authors and see how their minds work. I try to help get the word out about them to keep them writing books for me to read

Samantha: I love your books, and this group provides my entertainment. Yall are awesome
Plus, you’re good eye candy

Rebelle: I joined when you told me about it after I left you a review for Monte. I stay because the people make me smile and I love knowing about new books and projects you are working on.

Lila: This group is great, the ladies here are hysterical and so supportive, and I love your books and the random thoughts and discussions that pop up here and there. This group is the kind of group my Palace wants to be when it grows up. lol

Virginia: I’m here because you hijacked a dead group I was a member of. I stayed because you’re awesome and I love the ladies in here. Oh… and I work here.

Kimberly: My girl Rhiannon King told me about this group and if she’s in it I know for damn sure it’s going to be a blast.

Thai: You made me. Lol just kidding I created this group. Love your books get interaction with you and others who enjoy your books. Plus I am still waiting for you to go live.

Lindsay: I was a member before you came along, I stayed because I trusted Thai.

Stacy: I met you on a takeover and you told me about the group. I love the random interactions among you and the members.

April: I met you at a takeover..I had fun, you’re a flirt and when I met everyone else we all had fun..still wish it was the. Harem though! Love all of you.

Katherine: Anal? And… uh… well… LOL (i’m here cause you’re a great guy and I enjoy engaging with you).

Jennie: I’m here because of a takeover. I stay because I love this group of people. So random, but we all fit together.

Anibet: I’m here because I want to and because I feel less socially awkward which I honestly am lol

Lori: Enjoy connecting with authors.

Jenny: I don’t remember how I joined but I stayed because of the great people. Love Virginia Lee Johnson and her motivation and drive to get you known.

Jennifer: I’m here because no one has kicked me out. I count this as my social life so I don’t have to feel as bad about being a hermit.

Melissa: I fell into this group, I would have never found your work or the several others that are connected with you. I love diving into many different worlds just so happens I enjoy what you got!

Jera: I found a takeover you were in and won a book. I found you were hilarious when I messaged you back and forth and the rest is history. Everyone in this group doesn’t take themselves to seriously and I really enjoy that. Its pure fun in here.

Tammy: I have no clue how I ended up here…oh wait yes I do! I helped you and you asked me to join. How could I say no? It’s so much fun in here too!

Sammy: I came because you are cute, I stay because everyone’s so funny! I think for a group that is basically all women we got on amazing! Someone never fails to make me giggle either.


Question 2: Why do you pimp authors in general?

Lisa: cuz I love them & my piddly purchase isn’t enough to help them so I try to help their sales as much as I can.

Jolene: To get the word out about them. Keep people reading them so they can keep writing me books to read

Samantha: I pimp authors I enjoy. If the writing sucks, I don’t share. And maybe to turn someone to the dark side, since people call my books “yucky books”

Claudia: To help them, some authors make it fun to pimp for. Like reading their books.

Rebelle: I pimp them when I like them or their books. Authors work hard for their books and they deserve to have a wide audience. If they are an excellent author I think they should spend more time sitting and not have to worry about doing constant promos to sell their books.

Kimberly: Bc I want people to love them as much as I do.

Lindsay: Because they’re putting themselves out there for us. Whether it’s a long time dream or something they fell into, they’re taking a chance. And as long as they aren’t a douchecanoe, they should have a chance to succeed.

Stacy: Because I like their books and I want everyone else to like their books as much as me. I just want them to succeed.

Virginia: Some authors are worth the time and persistence needed to successfully pimp. Authors that interact, appreciate me and share in the same interests as I, are more apt to gain the strength of my strong pimping hand.

April: I pimp authors that I enjoy their books, so the authors can get the following they deserve.

Thai: I enjoy it.

Anibet: I pimp because it’s fun, because they have great books that need to be discovered. I want to share the treasures I have found.

Lori: To help them.

Jennifer: The world needs to know about the great indie authors and I will make sure I do my part to help humanity because Virginia shouldn’t have to do it alone.

Jenny: I’ve been pimping you on Twitter because I think you are talented. Your books are interesting and entertaining. I truly feel you could get very far as an author and deserve to get pimped.

Jera: I only pimp a handful of authors that I respect and don’t make me feel like its my second job. If I like you I want to help but some people can be real dicks about it.

Sammy: Because I want other people to find those books or authors and enjoy them as much as I do

Kaylee: I pimp authors because I enjoyed their books and believe they deserve not only my review but my time and effort to broadcast their name to everybody I can reach by pimping. They work hard to write the books I love to read. If I don’t help spread the word then they may not continue writing the books I love. It’s a win-win.

Ann: To help them by liking their pages and sharing their giveaways so people get a chance to check them out.


Question 3: What is your favorite thing about this group?

Rebelle: The people. They talk about damn near anything. The randomness is addictive.

Lisa: There’s barely any rules, we’re all naughty and y’all are so sweet

Claudia: Freedom to express yourself and gorgeous pictures

Jolene: Can pretty much post anything and not get yelled at for having a different opinion. And everyone has the same naughty sense of humor

Samantha: I love the people. Everyone is amazing and weird without being stuck up.

Kimberly: How we all speak our mind and no one judges us

Stacy: The broad range of members. It’s a place that anyone could feel as they fit in.

Virginia: I can be sweet and sour. I get to be a sour patch kid! I can say “Thank you and Fuck off” in the same sentence and no-one takes offense to it!

Thai: The people

Jennifer: Everyone active in here is real and awesome, which is really awesome!

Jenny: The people, it’s a fun group, all very supportive and common goal of pimping you!

Melissa: The humor of all

Jera: Everyone is fun and hilarious. One simple question post can turn into an entirely different subject within 2 minsutes of posting. The comments are hilarious.

April: I enjoy this group for all the great people that I have met and have fun!

Sammy: The girls lol

Kaylee: The people. The discussions. And you all make me laugh and I need that most days.


Question 4: What do you like about me? Is it more about my books? More me as a person?

Lisa: for me, it’s more you as a person. I love your books but you’re fun as hell most of the time

Rebelle: It’s both. You are very human. You talk about your ups and downs, crazy quirks, habits, and hobbies. You engage in conversation and don’t just talk at us. Plus you are a very entertaining author. I’ve read all of your books and loved them for different reasons.

Kimberly: You as a person you crack me up especially if I’m having a bad day and I love your books

Claudia: I love your sense of humor, how straight forward you are. Love your books, but you are more fun

Jolene: I like the way you interact with us. The books are a bonus. And I like you can take a joke

Samantha: Both. I love that you are an author who appreciates your fans. I love that you actually interact instead of just a professional comment here and there and that’s it. And your writing is hot and so is your face

Stacy: Both. You are a down to earth author and funny as hell. Your interaction between you and your fans is amazing.

Katherine: I got to know you from the project we worked on so I find you more than what you write. You’re smart and hard-working, with integrity. Plus we can joke around and make sexual innuendo and have a good time without having everything get all serious!

Virginia: Haha! ?
You’re an amazing author and an even better friend. I find your writing comes from you as a person and that’s amazing. I’ve read all of your books, so obviously I’m here for both.

Thai: You’re funny, smart, talented, DON’T GET A BIG HEAD. Like that nothing offense you and not a cry baby. I was surprised by your work. Keep it up

Taylor: Your books are amazing, but your the first author who actually interacted with their fans on a daily basis. That hit home for me, because being included as a fan was a huge deal. You’re a great guy and an amazing author. What’s not to like? So for me, it’s a combination.

Melissa: Both. I find you very down to earth, yet comical, intelligent, honest when honesty is due or not, love your fowl mouth and you can drive all your ladies crazy.
(I’m the one sitting back enjoying it all, I’m the quite one on the sidelines)
Your writing screams a brilliant mind at work, I enjoy your work as its like a breath of fresh air.
It’s hard to explain what I mean. Ugh… I suck at this and it’s easy?*eye roll*

Jenny: Combination, you are funny,knowledgeable and approachable. Your books are fantastic keep you entertained and hooked wanting more

Jennifer: It’s all about your writing for me. I’m a sucker for words.

Jera: Your books are fantastic. You as a person I respect. The little interaction we have had has shown me that you don’t offend easily. You are open minded. You have a fierce protectiveness over your sinner girls if someone is reporting them. And you are fucking hilarious. Are great qualities

April: I love your books admittedly I only have read one..but I have learned about the others from the teasers and I know that I need to finish reading..I enjoy knowing you as a person because I have a better understanding of how you write..I find that with a lot of wonderful authors that I have met along the way!

Kaylee: To be honest, so don’t be offended, Kyle I haven’t read any of your books. I have just been able to download one. But from the event I met you thru and by following your posts here it’s easy to see you love to have fun. So my answer to your question: it’s you as a person.


Question 5: It’s still pretty bizarre for me to have fans.. I grew up thinking that was only for celebrities and such. Is there a difference between how you’re a fan of an author, and a fan of say… A movie star?

Lisa: yep, I’m more of a fan of an author. I don’t stalk movie stars, they wouldn’t give me the time of day unlike you awesome authors.

Rebelle: Authors feel more like real people. They are more willing to talk about everyday topics. Actors and such are just pretty faces that do glamorous things. They never really feel real.

Kimberly: I’m a book nerd so I am more of an author fan than celebrity fan.

Jolene: I like authors better. They keep me sane.

Claudia: You actually talk to us and interact with us. Movie star probably doesn’t even know one is alive.

Stacy: Authors are more fun to be fans of. You actually talk to us and interact. You get to know us as well as us getting to know you. A celebrity would never do that.

Thai: I love authors more. Expect Christian bale

Virginia: I fan-girl. Yes.

Taylor: To me, no. There isn’t a difference. Except I would fan-girl more for an author than a movie star. But it’s the same thing to me.

Jennifer: So far I haven’t had any movie stars seek me out, so that proves that authors are way cooler and worth my fangirl efforts.

Jenny: Authors are more approachable, you can talk to them and they reply. You all seem more sincere, not fake.

Jera: No I probably fangirl harder on authors because i’m a book nerd but its all the same.

Melissa: I think I would faint or stutter if I met you for reals.

April: I think I would be more excited to meet an author than an actor..especially when you have gotten to know them overtime on FB!

Samantha: Well, I have not heard of you issuing restraining orders yet, so the fact that you enjoy stalking is a huge bonus. No, seriously. People are people, if the celebrity and or author acts like a normal peraon, not a stuck up dick. And I’d totally fan girl meeting you just the same as Alexander Skarsgård or Luke Bryan

Sammy: No! Actually yes I’d rather meet an author than a movie star lol

Kaylee: Do you see any movie stars or rock star for that matter willing to have a street team. One who likes opinions from their fans on their movies or songs. None have asked me to follow them on Fb, or Twitter. They don’t ask fans to buy their movies or their albums they just expect it. Now for me there’s a big difference. Also why would I want to spend $75 to $100 to see a movie or concert when I can pay $8 to $15 to read a book where I can escape to a whole other world?

Ann: Prefer Authors.


Question 6: Half the time, I don’t know what I’m doing here. I just like to write. A lot of the time, I just follow your cues, and watch the behavior of other authors as a guide to how I am supposed to behave. Is it more fun to work with a budding author? Or is it like trying to watch a deer walk for the first time?

Lisa: Depends on the author honestly. Some of y’all are naturals, others its definitely the deer.

Jolene: I think that it depends. I don’t lie the overly dramatic and some can be that way. Everyday it is a different catastrophe.

Kimberly: I love watching a budding author Bc you can be there from the beginning and when they do as great as you think try will you get to have the proud momma moment

Claudia: I like the point of view of the woman by the woman and the male point of view by the man

Stacy: I think it is fun working with a budding author because you can see them grow as an author. They also seem to be more real than fake.

Virginia: I love working with new authors. You may think you had no idea what you were doing, but you surrounded yourself with the right people early in your writing career. Definitely helps with the stumbling process.

Rebelle: I like working with newer authors. They aren’t set In their ways. They are more willing to listen to comments and suggestions and even stupid shit like fixing a typo.

Jenny: It’s interesting to see the process of an author getting to the point they want. You can tell when an author is new and one who has been out there for awhile, but the goals and struggles are the same its just the level of confidence when you can notice the difference

Jennifer: Stephen King has never asked for my feedback or given me a beta copy; budding authors are much more fun because they still care about the peons.

Jera: I like the fact that you aren’t full of yourself and you keep it real. You’re going through this process of fulfilling your dream and are taking us on the ride with you. I find you very interesting.

April: It’s fun with an up and coming author because they are actually willing to listen to their reader.


Question 7: I can be very opinionated.. Does that get on your nerves? lol

Lisa: Yes! But, I’m an open person and I appreciate honesty so…keep doing what you’re doing. just dont whine! I hate that

Jaimie: I respect a person who speaks their mind.

Jolene: No, not at all. I am very opinionated myself. Everyone has their own opinion on everything. I just like honesty

Tanya: As long as it’s the same as my opinion I dont care…JK

Katherine: Nope. You’re up front about it and it’s cool.

Virginia: Nope! Your opinion is yours. You don’t shove it down my throat or threaten me with ‘agree or else’.

Rebelle: Nope. I like that you are willing to post an opinion and not give a shit what others think.

Richie: No, not at all. It’s better than people who sugar coat and hide behind positive false opinions. If I have a negative opinion, I tend to maintain silence unless I’m asked directly. But I respect and might even feel a bit of envy for those who can tell others like it is.

Melissa: No, not at all. I’m amused by it!
I have my own opinions, I only voice them to my hubby. We have very different views on things, so it usually ends up with heated banter.

Jennifer: It only bothers me when you’re wrong, but as long as you don’t go over your ‘annoying posts’ allotment per month I’m okay.

Jenny: Nope, it’s good to hear others opinions and ideas, gives you a new perspective on subjects.

Jera: I respect all honesty even if we agree to disagree. I like to see others opinions on scandalous matters. And I love to be blown away but what some people thing.

April: Nope..everyone has opinions if I don’t like your opinion which there hasn’t been a time yet..I’ll tell you!

Kaylee: Nope not at all. If you didn’t have your opinion then I wouldn’t have anyone to debate with.



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