Author Kyle Perkins

Interview with a horde of internet trolls.

By Kyle Perkins.

At some point, all of us have encountered a troll or two while browsing through Facebook. It is so common that it is just part of the experience of being online in today’s world. Many people encounter them and are left wondering “What just happened, and why?” So, I decided to jump in and see what makes them behave the way they do, and if they are the monsters they make themselves out to be in their normal lives.

***Strong language ahead***


1. Why do you guys troll? What do you get out of it?

Hannah: It’s amusing to watch people not grasp the blatant satire.

Genea: I troll when I see someone is really overreacting to something stupid. Or if they come across as a know-it-all. I love watching their arguments get reduced to nothing more than name calling and comments about my mother. Which are all true, too, btw.

Mitchell: Tbh I would have to say the idea of going against societal ideas and pisses people off makes me laugh. But not only that, i love to see what makes people tick. What sends them over he edge. In a way i study people. Each reaction i get fuels my ideas of society. But at the same time i don’t necessarily call myself a troll. People tend to label me as one, its not a name you can just give yourself.

Lucy: I don’t troll, I just speak my mind. Where is the line with trolling? It’s an accusation that’s thrown around because some people have limited conversational skills

Richie: I don’t troll in the sense of raiding or actively looking for someone or a group of someones to troll. If something comes my way or happens in front of me, or I’m tagged into it, I might say something comical or horrific – depending on your perspective – and wander away. What I see people getting out of it is a kind of twisted comradarie between people who are very different but share a ‘common enemy.’

David: Most of the time i don’t see myself as trolling. I’m crap at it tbh and like to think I’m only really bantering with friends when I get into it. Although on the odd occasion when someone shows themselves to be a total cunt it can be fun to stir them up

Thomas: Watching the unintelligent struggle to say “oh yeah bruh your mom”, I adore stupidity.

Nick: Trolling, whatever you want to call it, helps me to deal with emotional constipation. For real constipation, I take fiber supplements. That’s my own damn fault; I’ve got far too much cheese in my diet, and the apple juice doesn’t always balance it all out. It just winds up coming out in chunks.

Abby: I’m not really a “troll”. I’m just an asshole. I enjoy telling people things that they don’t want to hear. I like calling people out on stupid things they say and correcting them when I know they’re wrong, especially arrogant fucks who’s egos need to be brought down a peg or two. UNLESS I like them or consider them my friend or whatever. Then I’ll humor you and let you get away with whatever, mostly. I like to watch other people troll for entertainment.

Kirn: Because watching idiots attempt to analyze your “logic” (which more often than not, there isn’t any) and question your lack of cohesion, and get totally angry over it, it’s quite beautiful.

2. Do you troll in your private life, away from social media?

Genea: All the damn time. My son and I constantly troll each other. And the general public? Again, usually only if I see something certifiably stupid.

Hannah: Lol, all the time. The boyfriend will know that all too well.

Doug: But of course.

Mitchell: Yeah i do. Theres nothing like sitting calmy and setting someone off just with your words. I find fists primitive and easy. You could hit someone and piss them off, but it takes a more intellectual person to play with words and find what makes someone tick. They trip over themselves. Its fabulous.

Richie: Not in any way to trigger or salt anyone – as I don’t online, either, for the most part. But I do often say terrible things, for the sake of humor. If a part of trolling involves making people – including yourself – laugh, yes, I do.

David: Everytime I drink with friends we troll the shit out each other, its funny when someone new is around and thnks we all hate each other

Geoff: I’m still mean to people. My favorite thing to do is leave a room or shut a door while someone is talking.

Thomas: In real life yes, more so actually than online.

Nick: I started with friends and family, who knew my sense of humor from the outset, before I migrated online like a water buffalo with one short leg: confused and in pain, unable to cross the river without assistance, bellowing at anybody who would listen. I used to be very, very careful about what I said on social media, for fear of offending anybody. One blood pressure prescription later, I decided it wasn’t worth my health to pander to people without a sense of humor, like those goddamn gays.

Kirn: Sometimes. It’s wonderful to watch people take you seriously, and subsequently rage, in any medium, especially when you’re just taking the piss.

3. Do you have certain things that you will not joke about?

Genea: Yes but I won’t elaborate because a bunch of other trolls will see this. I refuse to feed the trolls.

Doug: No, lolol I made fun of dead kids once off of one guy’s reference to The Scandinavian Movie to finally throw this dom chick off balance lmmfao

Mitchell: When im not trolling i find myself having limits… I find that race, sexuality, diseases and disabilities are just not something you should joke about when being professional. But when im in that mood to troll i will rip anyones beliefs and limits apart. I fucking hate people.

Lucy: I’m uncomfortable with people mentioning children inappropriately and I have a cousin with downs syndrome who, tbh probably has a better job than most of the people who post about them. The ops are the potatoes imo

Hannah: I don’t tend to make fun of many groups of people to be honest, I don’t give a shit what people believe in, do in their spare time. I just focus on whatever we are talking about. You won’t tend to find me randomly insulting someones race, sexuality or beliefs.

David: Mitch’s advanced autism is maybe too much these days.

Geoff: Everything is game. Racism is the absolute best. Disabilities are a close second.

Thomas: Someone’s kids. I’ll never use someone’s kids in a trolling. To me it take a real uneducated kind of meth tard to only be able to insult a child.

Nick: Your mom. Seriously, she taught me that thing I like (you know) and none of the other girls have even come close. Girl’s a fucking natural. I’d never talk shit about her.

P.S. Store was out of white, is potato bread ok?

Abby: There are lines that I won’t cross. Unless I’m playing cards against humanity. That doesn’t count lol. But I can’t really be sure. I’m numb.

Kirn: Issues which personally affect me, but that’s more of a guideline than a rule. If there’s comedy in making fun of it, especially in a self-deprecating manner, I’ll do it anyways.

4. Have you ever felt you went too far?

Doug: I always feel i didn’t go far enough.

Genea: Personally, no. I have seen threads, though, that I thought went overboard a little.

Mitch: No. If i seemingly go far in another persons eyes i just justify it by saying “ha, the other person deserved it.” Which is a terrible defense mechanism but hey if someone dishes some shade at me, they should be prepared to get it back. Theres no holding back.

Thomas: Once or twice. But it’s in the past so fuck it.

Sam: No im not evil with what i say and if you whole heartedly believe what u say then how can u feel bad for it

Geoff: I made a kid in my class cry once. I left him alone for the rest of the day. The next day I continued.

Nick: Yes. I took it as a sign that I needed to go further. If you’re uncomfortable because of words, you need to work on that, that’s a personal problem.

Kirn: I don’t think so, but then again, my memory is shit and my level of fucks given has decreased substantially over the past few years, so possibly in the past I might’ve felt I went too far, but I would probably disagree today.

5. Do you ever get tired of it?

Mitchell: Nah. Words are words. I feel like I can’t really ever get tired of banter unless its when people are sitting having a serious conversation, just talking deeply upon a subject then someone else comes in and tries to wreck things just for the sake of being a troll. Theres a time and place for everything i think. Like i said before. Sometimes theres times to enjoy having an intellectual conversation and being professional.

Richie: What I get tired of seeing is when there’s someone who considers themselves a pretty hardcore troll, mocking everything this side of anything, but still demand lines be drawn for them. They’ll throw everything under the bus, but HOW DARE YOU MOCK MY RELIGION/PHILOSOPHY. I don’t think people should have it both ways.

Genea: I don’t get tired of trolling. I get tired of seeing people constantly overreacting to the same stupid bullshit all the time. It’s like people aren’t allowed to joke about ANYTHING anymore. Want to crack a joke about your house burning down, I guarantee you someone will read that post and get butthurt about it because their best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s uncle’s cell mate’s house burned down, too.

Geoff: I’ve always been mean. I’d like to think I’ll grow up to be Red from That 70’s Show.

Thomas: Nope. It’s a daily pleasure to offend a pussy sjw.

Nick: I want to say yes, but my actions say otherwise, so fuck it. Have a cupcake.

Kirn: Only for short periods. Too much of anything can get tiring without a pause to regain one’s energy.

6. In trolling, there seems to be a sense of community. Do you make actual friends from doing this, or is everyone always on guard because, well, you’re all trolls?

Hannah: I’ve made a few friends from joint trolling people, you tend to know you’re destined when you both start posting Hitler memes.

Mitchell: I think you can bond doing anything. Even masturbating!

Doug: I’ve made many friends from it. Most of which were in on blasting some random idiot and a couple I’ve made bc I initiated a troll on them and their smartass answer made my motherfucking day lmao

Genea: I’m friends with a few other trolls, but I’m guarded with what I say to them because I know how they can get. The first rule of trolling is never feed the trolls.

Thomas: Made tons of friends. But more enemies.

Nick: I have genuinely made the best friends I’ve ever had from this community. I’m straight as the Pope’s dick when there’s a 9-year-old located due north of his position, but I’d bash butts with some of these dudes any day. There are some seriously chill people here. Nothing’s better than a friend who doesn’t give a fuck in general, but still gives a damn about you.

Abby: I’ve made friends that don’t like me. Wait, that’s a contradiction. Still true though lol

Kirn: Yes, there’s certainly a sense of community. It adds to the experience and makes it much more enjoyable overall.

7. Do you ever feel like you’re wasting your time? Like this time trolling could be better spent productively? Or is trolling considered being productive to you?

Doug: Very productive. It keeps the wits sharp.

Mitchell: I would say somedays its productive. I mentioned before that it helps me study people. Know their ideals especially if they arent trolling and the poor people are actually offended by what I say.

Genea: Nah, not really. If people want to waste their time being upset and defensive about nothing, who am I to deny them something to be upset about? There have actually been a few times where I was on a roll and I had to stop because of work. I was a sad panda.

Dave: yes i could have completed fallout nv another 15 times it pains me.

Thomas: I’m 30… what time am I wasting lol

Nick: I work 10 hours a day, minimum, either on client work or expanding my business. I don’t need to be productive 24/7. If I manage to get somebody to take a second look at a subject they really didn’t know enough about to discuss in the first place, great. Otherwise, eh. I tried, and I had fun.

Abby: I consider watching other people troll or trolling to be in the same recreational category as hobbies like video games or reading books. Everyone needs recreation. It’s only a waste of time if it starts cutting into my responsibilities in the real world.

Kirn: All time is wasted, or none of it is, depending on your take on it. Really, there’s absolutely no meaning to anything, not even in life itself, except for what you make of it. So I suppose, the real question is: Did you enjoy it?

8. What sort of things do you see online that you just CAN’T RESIST trolling? I’m sure some people would like to know how to avoid being a target.

Hannah: Typing like an illiterate fool, or spouting misinformed bullshit.

Doug: Wannabe trolls. You know the sort. Unoriginal name callers with no fucking style or even a funny appeal to their name calling. I love ripping these guys apart.

Mitchell: I can’t help myself when people talk religion. Ugh drives me up the wall that someone can believe such fairy tales yet productively take up arms on subjects such as science because it makes no sense to them. It’s like ugh, just kill yourself.

Dave: Ironics like this ^

Genea: People that make up a new gender ever day. Feminazis. Hypocrites – I will call out a hypocrite faster than Deadpool going for a chimichanga.

Thomas: Flat earthers… I cannot resist it. So fucking, pedestrian.

Nick: Anyone who thinks there’s a simple, obvious answer to everything. Maybe there is, but you’re taking all the fun out of life. “Immigration? Wall! Death? Gun control! Sad? Become female! Sex? No!” You’ve got to take these things, and think harder about them. Nice and hard. And deep… you’ve got to go deeper.

Kirn: Feminists, Social Justice Wankers, people who get butthurt easily over stupid things, Flat Earthers, leftists, far-right extremists, anyone that takes life too seriously.

9. Do you think people deserve the hell you give them, honestly?

Doug: Who cares? Did I really deserve that (insert your my pussy bleeds for you comment)

Richie: As I really only troll those who (try to) irk or torment me, then probably so. Are they hot? If they are hot guys I might get trolls remorse.

Mitchell: Yep. Survival of the fittest!

Genea: I don’t troll if it isn’t called for.

Thomas: 9/11 times yes, they do.

Nick: Life is Hell. I give people a chance to laugh along at how ridiculous it all is, and in the end… eh. Give your best effort, shit will probably turn out okay. I laugh at myself; fuck you if you can’t laugh at yourself. And if you can’t laugh at *me*, go stick your head under water and give a slow count to 300. “I’ve got too much respect for you, my fellow human!” is the sort of thing you expect from people who believe they can read their cats’ facial expressions.

Abby: I never intentionally did anything to anyone who didn’t deserve it in some way. And that’s my good word. Retaliation.

Kirn: Yes. I seriously hope that they understand that they’re taking inconsequential shit too far and realise that they needn’t be so serious nor be offended so easily. Life is hell, get over it.

10. What is the worst thing you’ve done, trolling wise.

Mitchell: Made someone call the cops because they were sad. They thought Down syndrome is a topic that shouldn’t be joked about.

Genea: Nothing comes to mind. I’m actually a lame troll compared to others here.

Doug: I’ve tried to talk a couple suicidal bitch boys into killing themselves! I’ll succeed one day.

Thomas: Convinced a group of aspiring autistic shittard I was a usmc veteran. Until they read this, they still believe. Kekekek

Nick: I don’t think trolling is that bad. It’s dark humor. People pay money to listen to someone laugh about tragic events on stage, then get offended when they willingly visit my social media feed and I say something off-color. Humor is how we deal with things that twist us into knots emotionally. I don’t care who you’re fucking, and I don’t *want* to see anybody die, but maybe if those queers hadn’t been banging butts in public that shooter would’ve only gotten 25 of’em. People who are looking for “worst thing ever” will look at that, and be horrified. I look at what *happened* and I’m horrified.

Kirn: I’m not sure, like I said, my memory is shit.

11. Do you think trolling sets you apart? Does it make you feel superior to other people, intellectually or otherwise?

Hannah: Never considered myself better than anyone to be honest, I don’t think superiority is at all linear. Granted though if you’re arguing with someone who can’t use the right ‘you’re’ naturally you feel a tad smarter.

Doug: No lol i’m a genius at making fun of ppl and it does tie into a few real life skills but tbh………YES…Yes it fucking does and all who disagree do so bc they’ve been victimized by me mwahahaha

Mitchell: I dont think this necessarily but if you can’t banter and you always take life seriously you’ll probably die having a gaping asshole because your always gonna get fucked at the end of the day

Richie: It might set us apart from the herd, but at the same time we’re pulled into another one.

Lucy: I haven’t trolled in a long time and I never set out to be superior but sometimes people could be so stupid which made it funny. I’m more likely to white knight these days lmao! But it’s hard not to say anything when you’ve got a 13 year old smart ass who had way too much sugar with breakfast.

Genea: Fuck no. I’m not a hard-core troll and actually my attempts would be viewed as lame to some. I don’t feel superior to anyone except the anti-vax idiots.

Geoff: I think of myself as more mature than a lot of people, that’s it. I know I’m not special or anything.

Thomas: To those I troll definitely. To fellow trolls nah, we’re like a fam.

Nick: I’m not smarter than anybody because I troll. I pick on people who aren’t acting up to standards they could achieve with a little effort. I don’t tell anyone that they’re inferior to me. They tell me they’re inferior to me. I just go with what they’re saying; they know themselves better than I do.

Kirn: If the people I’m trolling are clearly fuckwits and painfully deserving of it, hell yes! Other times, it’s clear they’re on the same intellectual level, and I’m doing it to probe their ideology and even make them question themselves. If they do question themselves, hell, I think we both walk away stronger and more intelligent.

12. Does this make you happy? And if it does, is it worth it at the expense of the happiness of someone else?

Mitchell: Yes. Theres 7 billion people. Its time to thin the herd. And the best part is, our warfare is without a weapon technically, but we use our words to slay the idiots of our generation.

Richie: I would never want to be responsible for ruining the happiness of someone else, but then I think it’s more along the lines of I’d never want to be aware of it. Nothing I really say or do is as epic as all that.

Dave: only if the “victim” is a cunt which in most cases is true so yes lel

Genea: I troll for the reaction – I love seeing people get upset and bent out of shape over nothing, so yes, it makes me very happy. And if someone chooses to get butt hurt over something stupid and give me the reaction I’m looking for, then that’s their fault.

Doug: If those ignorant fucks are dumb enough to get mad over some shit some random guy they’ll never ever meet or likely ever even hear from again then that’s their fucking faults.

Thomas: Happy? Nah not really. I do it mainly because I fucking love to expose how simple minded people are.

Nick: I find a nail sticking out of my desk. I hammer it in. Now I’m happy. That doesn’t mean I enjoy having to expend the effort over something so trivial. In this case, we’re talking about furniture that could hammer its own nails in, but it chooses not to. So no, it doesn’t make me happy that I’ve got to waste time on these cuntnuggets, but I get there — one way or another.

Kirn: Often does. If it’s at the expense of someone else’s happiness? If they deserved it, fuck yes. Quit being such a pompous twat and you won’t be so negatively affected.

13. Any advice for aspiring trolls, or potential future victims?

Mitchell: Don’t cry over spilt milk. If you aren’t getting the attention of your “victims” then just try again next time. For future victims don’t give the troll power. Take your opinion and leave, because no one cares.

Hannah: Don’t be an edgelord, and if you can’t take insults, being mocked, don’t even bother doing it to other people.

Doug: Never get angry. If even a smidge of anger shows. You’ve already lost.

Lucy: Make sure you have all the facts or you’ll end up looking a pleb

Genea: You’d better have a thick fucking skin because if you’re going to dish it out, you’d better be able to take it. And without lube or the courtesy of a reach-around. And if you have ANY doubts about the facts you’re about to spew, you’d better double-check yourself. Trolls LOVE people who think they know what they’re talking about.

Richie: If you can dish it, you should be able to take it. Man up. Watch and listen to see how it’s done. Don’t be basic with your words, but don’t make them want to have to read the Dictionary to find out what you said. Future victims – Almost everyone gets trolled, IRL or online, so don’t take it too much to heart unless someone burns your house down

Thomas: Beware the khett. And fuck off fgt.

Sam: Don’t take it to heart you’re not special…hehe

Nick: Penis goes in the vagina, kids… like a rocket ship. Just like a rocket ship.

Kirn: Realise nothing is sacred, and don’t be so serious. Except in the art of trolling itself, always go gung ho. There’s nothing epic. except by accident, in an half-arsed attempt.

14. What do you consider “real trolling?”

Hannah: I think trolling these days has become so vague, when I think of trolling I think of making purposefully extreme statements and watching reactions, starting debates on a topic and being wrong on purpose to see people get wound up. But I think everyone has their way of doing it, in general, it’s just pissing people off, in a smart way.

Lucy: Yeah, it’s wanting the worst kind of reaction from someone and ultimately building them up to rage quit after they give lots of silly answers. Or ask lots of silly questions Kyle.

Doug: My idea of a great troll is when you’ve ripped them hard enough to block you then with your alt account question their self confidence and give them the stand up for yourself speech lmmfao

Genea: I think ‘real’ trolling is the kind that has absolutely no limits. Nothing is sacred or off-limits. They don’t care at all about anyone’s feelings regarding any topic. If they can give you a ration of shit about something to get a rise out of you, they’ve accomplished their mission.

Mitchell: When you accomplish breaking someone down.

Thomas: Real trolling…. is trolling even real?! I mean to be perfectly frank, a top notch trolling session shouldn’t even be realized until the victim is so far into being trolled that their only response is “bruh I was trolling you hurrdurrr”

Nick: When there’s a sense of finality. The target has stopped responding, and people aren’t posting Michael Jackson popcorn memes in the peanut gallery anymore. Or, we’ve hit a point where we’re both just laughing and having fun. If a person is able to not take themselves too seriously, we’re good.

Kirn: When you calculatedly attack an ideology or idea, to the point you’ve got the other side questioning everything, playing Devil’s Advocate, as it were. Hell, if done just right, you might even improve the world just a little.

15. A lot of people see trolls as these unhappy basement dwellers that have nothing better to do in their life than to be complete cunts to everyone they encounter due to their own shortcomings. What are your thoughts on that?

Dave: Sounds like the usual uninformed answer of the general populous as usual, my own reason for even spending time on FB is to pass the time and make friends which i have and having spoken with many of you for so long now and in a more personel manner i assume none of y’all adhere to this BS statement either

Genea: Sounds like the kind of argument a ‘victim’ resorts to when they can no longer actually justify what they’ve said or done. I’ve got plenty of shortcomings and being aware of those actually helps my trolling. And my basement is pretty comfy, thank you very much.

Mitchell: I think they have a misconception about the community. They stereotype us to make themselves feel better after they have been destroyed by us. When really a troll could be someone as high up on the social ladder as obama if they pleased.

Thomas: Don’t care about opinions of aspie but hurt incoherent thoughts.

Nick: I’ve never had somebody bear that out. I live on my own, I have friends, I’m fairly active, and I do my best to speak in an informed manner. If you’ve got a sense of humor, you’re not catching any shit from me. People need to come up with these one-dimensional explanations for everything; I’d say it’s appalling, but I’d need a new hobby if they stopped, and this one’s cheap.

Kirn: The typical response of an uptight fuckwit without a sense of humour that also takes themselves too seriously and feels that their position, no matter how absurd, must be correct. SocJus and feminists are the ones who respond in this manner the most.

16. Of course, many may see you as dangerous, one dimensional assholes that purposely try to hurt people, but have no real depth beyond that. However, you are all real people with very real problems of your own. When you’re not trolling people, what’s your home life like? Have any hobbies outside of this?

Geoff: I collect games, game related things. My physical collection is at about $5,000 right now. I’m also married.

Samantha: I’m a mum and for me its and escape to be more than mum…to just be seen as Samantha.

Mitchell: Life is shit, but i read, write, paint, game, and fap to make myself feel better

Thomas: Gaming and working. That’s literally it. I have 3 kids that I spend the majority of my time with. All spare go to trolling gaming and work.

Genea: I’m a lazy fuck – I work, come home & take care of my kid & pets, and game or write. That’s it. Rinse & repeat. Fortunately, trolling can be accomplished along with these other things I do.

Nick: I write, avidly; I blog, and I write short fiction, mostly for my own entertainment. I ghostwrite and compose sales copy for a living. I’m an avid video gamer, and I enjoy board games and tabletop RPGs. I sometimes get involved with historical re-enactments, anything from medieval England to World War 2. I like immersion, being a part of what’s going on. Aside from the above, I’m an armchair enthusiast in a lot of areas… astronomy, archaeology, history, mythology. I like learning new things, but I’m not associated with a lot of groups, and I don’t really take anything beyond writing and gaming to the next level. Astronomy, sometimes. I like music I can bang my head to, provided it’s got lyrical quality.

Abby: I have 5 children. I currently homeschool 3 of them. I’m nice in person unless provoked. I also enjoy playing/collecting games, reading, pets, singing, and making occasional YouTube videos. I like learning about everything, especially anything historical, medical or about crime and the (broken) criminal justice system. I’m not a people person, but I can pretend to be if I have to.

Kirn: Trying to make people see that the world isn’t as shallow as they see it. That, and I try to get people to learn more about the technology that increasingly makes up every facet of their lives. People are quite understanding when everything else fails, yet become arrogantly demanding when computers fail all the same. Aside from that, music, gaming, and the intellectual pursuit all bring me happiness.

17. Many of your victims are also victims of circumstance. Whether it be wrong place, wrong time, or a lack of education that made them easy targets… But what about you? Do you see yourself as a victim of society? Or do you see yourself as enlightened?

Mitchell: Both. Im not a typical guy that is favoured by society because i like to think outside the box. But the sheeple concept is hard to break away from. But because i feel like a victim or hated in some instances makes me feel enlightened because i dont fit in, it allows me to think deeper upon myself like why dont i fit in or why am i this way and i kinda think that is what enlightened people do. They are intellectuals of circumstance.

Thomas: Tbh, I was trolled alot. I just learned to think faster, about more fucked up shit than them.

Genea: I’ve been there, done that for a lot of things. I was bullied as a kid, so I learned pretty damn quick to not give a negative reaction. Either that, or I roll with it.

Nick: Fuck their lack of education. I’m a high school dropout with two Associates degrees. Education is “Hey, this issue seems important; I’m going to look it up. Now I’m going to look it up somewhere else. Now I’m going to look for a reasonably well-informed opposing viewpoint.” Next thing you know, you’re writing in an informed fashion about something, and all it took was a few hours’ worth of not watching Game of Thrones fan theories on YouTube. Lack of education? “This person died because they stopped breathing!” “Why’d they stop breathing?” “They just couldn’t be bothered!”

Kirn: Both. Life fucks me over as much as it fucks us all, but I don’t allow myself to be played the victim over it. Just go with the flow.

18. I know a lot of you pick on people for being attention whores, but isn’t your behavior online a form of this? How do you justify making fun of someone for seeking attention, then engage in a highly attention seeking activity?

Thomas: I don’t seek attention. I seek pleasure from making people look stupid and gullible. I do get attention, but it’s something quite frankly idgaf about. I’d rather not be known about.

Mitchell: I don’t necessarily think im searching for attention when i say what i say. I leave it open. People will react to the things i do how they want to. I dont make them react and I certainly dont care if they do. I say what i say to get it off my chest.

Genea: If I was looking for attention, I would intentionally post things on a regular basis to get a rise out of people. Instead, I’m more like a ninja troll. A really lame ninja troll who lurks in the shadows waiting to pounce on whatever stupidity I find.

Nick: “Justify” implies that what other people think about what I do ought to be the exclusive motivation behind whether or not I do it. I go after people who act in a way that strikes me as ignorant or hypocritical. I’m not always right, and I take my fair share of roasting in return; it’s all good.

Kirn: I guess there’s a potential for hypocriticality in trolling, especially if you’re making fun of people for being attention-seeking. The vast majority of humans enjoy attention, myself included, as it’s an aspect of human nature. But I don’t really troll for the attention. I do it for the laughs, and occasionally to try to get people to think. Like I said before, too much of anything can be tiring, so I do try to keep the trolling in moderation. There’s nothing wrong with seeking attention, in moderation, but it’s the attention whoring that really irks me.

19. Has trolling ever backfired on you? Caused you problems in real life?

Hannah: One time my friends nan rang me up and went mental at me because I made 300 middle eastern men send her friend requests in the space of an hour.

Dave: yes, heavy religious family members bitching to parents for rekn on newsfeed posts lol, had to make another account it was such a task

Mitchell: No problems in real life but yeah i think its backfired on all of us at one time or another.

Thomas: Not really. Closet I’d say was this moody fgt, he got his shit pushed in on a few groups by me. He tried spreading some rumors to friends and fam but it didn’t work so well for him. Don’t fuck with khett.

Sam: Yes…not everyone agrees with what you say…and i for one know u Can’t please everyone

Genea: It hasn’t been a problem yet.

Nick: Nothing “real” yet.

Kirn: Lost some friends in high school over it, which I’m not sure really matters. I don’t think it’s had any negligible impact on my everyday life since then.

20. Final question: A lot of people threaten trolls with physical violence, and even going as far to say they will kill them. Do you ever fear for your safety?

Sam: Only one have i felt scared…

Geoff: No, I usually make fun of them even more.

Mitchell: Oh god no. I laugh in the face of threats knowing people are too weak to follow through. Anyone who threatens physical violence usually lacks the brain capacity to come back with a witty comeback.

Thomas: Lol no….. there isn’t anyone who would actually follow through with a threat. It’s the internet, threats are as hollow as your sisters vagina.

Dave: I’ve had a few death threats from angry bfs , if anything it made me creep harder

Genea: I laugh and let them know I’m a gun owner.

Nick: I don’t take online death threats seriously. Nobody’s ever gone out of their way to maintain threats to my safety over the long term, or tried to track me down, or anything like that. I say awful things to people; if you walk up behind a woman and pinch ass, you’re going to get kicked in the balls. If you’re scurrrred of being threatened, don’t troll people.

Kirn: Nope. I don’t fear keyboard warriors. A lot of people like to talk big and bad behind the keyboard or phone screen, and I’ve been guilty of it myself on occasion. I seriously doubt their resolve to actually go through with their threats.

Want to see more from these guys? Join their group! Be warned though, if you have thin skin, don’t bother.

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