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So, this is probably a silly question seeing as a community of authors is usually broke, but… If I want this new network to grow, I’ll need a lot of space. Meaning I will need to eventually host this outside of my author website, in its own domain, on another secure server(Mine is secure for the site). I’ll also need money to add more features, like the ability to upload videos, multiple images at once, business pages so you can sell your own products, etc. I can even make a mobile app for this so you can sign into a mobile version of the site. I don’t have enough money to do this on my own, and I hate asking for money, but I think that this has a lot of potential for our community. Imagine being able to sell what you want, and have your own ads on your business page? Imagine being able to post whatever you want as far as teasers, book trailers, etc goes, without worrying about being banned? Imagine if the only ads you see, are ads from amazon centered around your taste in books?(We have to keep the site running) Facebook is for everyone, and Twitter is mainly for celebrities.. Goodreads is becoming toxic, so we need a place that celebrates what we love, and gives us the freedom to do so.

I haven’t worked out awards for donations, but I may do something special for everyone that donates. =)

Visit the site here. If you want to donate, just click the button below. Anything helps.

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