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Indie Book Network: Remastered.

So, as many of you know, a while back I started an indie book network that was much like Facebook in a lot of ways, except free from all of the censorship. We tried to make it work, but unfortunately, Facebook is a hard habit to kick. We figured we had a shot with this community, since Facebook constantly bans authors that use pen names, bans people for teasers that they don’t agree with, etc. The problem was, Facebook is just so streamlined. Everyone is already there, and they have to leave Facebook to get to our site, and that was the main problem.

Facebook already has your family, friends, and everything outside of the indie community, as well as the indie community. It’s like trying to open up a small grocery store next to a Walmart.

So, we scrapped the idea, and now we have made something a little better. An author database.

Think of it as a cross between Amazon and Goodreads.

The ease to buy and find authors, just like with Amazon, and the community vibe of Goodreads, except without the ridiculous rules of Amazon, or the trolls of Goodreads.

We built this to be something specific to our indie community, and we would love for you guys to come check it out. I will be implementing a forum soon so that people can talk and get to know each other. If you’d like to be added to the database, or run ads, please don’t hesitate to contact us. =)

Visit us here.

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