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Fuck Facebook.

Yep, fuck facebook.

When I first came across facebook back during the years of myspace, I had high hopes for it. Maybe it was because I was a bit younger and more naive, but social media just didn’t have the uncontrolled power it has today. Facebook has decided arbitrarily that it would delete my ten year old account, full of my family photos, memories, etc. They decided to delete it because I regularly argue against neo nazis, and alt right conservatives.

Now, I’m not going to go through the trouble of posting proof of the bias on Facebook towards liberals and leftists because conservatives would just gaslight me anyway, not that I took any screens before getting zucc’d. However, if you’re paying attention, I’m sure you’ve seen the favoritism yourself. There are massive alt right groups with over 100k members, regularly pushing racist, sexist, and xenophobic ideals. There are pages which call their followers “retards,” “trannies,” “cucks,” etc. Do they ever get taken down? Very rarely.

A lot of them use dog whistles like hyper focused or debunked “statistics,” without elaborating on what the findings truly mean. Or they share completely false information and news sources that reinforce their narrow world views. Now, most respectable websites would get rid of the fake information propagandizing our nation, but Facebook makes a lot of money off of those shares, as well as selling our information that they can so flippantly destroy. So, they have no intentions of making sure that what is being shared doesn’t hurt our democracy. They only care about shutting down any lefty who dares point the hypocrisy out.

In short, Mark Zuckerberg and his republican friends can all go fuck themselves.

You can still find me on social media, I’ll leave a few links below.

Instagram(Yes I know it’s owned by facebook, but the platform isn’t geared towards propagandizing boomers and stupid people):





Slack: Send me your email through the contact form and I’ll send you an invite.


If I were to tell you a platform you should definitely switch to, it’s minds. Minds has a far better privacy policy, and best of all, will actually PAY YOU for your content. Everything you post or think of is your intellectual property. No one should be making money off of it but you, especially not a company like Facebook who then uses that power to consistently vote against your interests.

I will add more social media links for the platforms I’m on in the coming days, so please stay tuned. If you plan to stay on Facebook and don’t want to leave because of the ease of use, your own complacency, or your unwillingness to download a new app, then congratulations. Facebook has you exactly where they planned to have you. Also, it was nice knowing you. I had a lot of friends on Facebook, and a pretty significant following. I will miss those folks should they choose to stay, but my privacy and mental health are more important nowadays.

Thanks for reading!

4 Replies to “Fuck Facebook.”

  1. I left FACEPLACE three years ago and have not regretted it. I got so fed up with all the political bullshit I felt like I was watching Fox news 24/7. I swear to Christ I don’t give a crap what Trump’s nacho cheese tan lines look like it how far out his bottom lip can pout right before he tells a lie.

    FB used to be a place to connect with old friends and family who live far away. Thankfully, they aren’t the only game in town anymore. So yeah, like you said…Fuck Facebook! I am sorry about you pics and such tho. **sigh… What wankers!

    1. Yeah. It’s become a real shit show since around 2016, and I’m finally ready to completely part ways.

  2. I’m gonna sign up for minds to see what it’s all about, if anything because I miss you, you beautiful libtard. See you soon.

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