Author Kyle Perkins

Drama Free Book Community

by Kyle Perkins


We have decided to create a book group that is free from internet drama and the bias that we see a lot of in the book community. We saw that a bunch of new authors get pushed out of the way by authors with massive fan groups that make it hardly fair for someone just starting out. We are definitely not knocking their success, more power to them, but we wanted to make a place where everyone is on an even playing field. Polls and contests, etc will be based on the author’s merit, instead of their popularity. We have also made a page with the same principles, basically a page to promote authors that wouldn’t be seen otherwise. We want well established authors as well as new authors, we just want them all to have the same advantages within the community. For readers, we want them to be able to find great books, free from bias. Most of the book community operates the same on Facebook, and it definitely works, but we wanted to make a place that had all of the good qualities of the community, without any of the bad ones.

If you’d like to join our group, please click here.

If you’d like to stay up to date with our page, please click here.

Hope to see you all there!

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