Bryton Mellott, the flag burning traitor.

by Kyle Perkins



This is Bryton Mellot, an attention whore from Illinois that used the tragic Orlando shooting as his excuse for burning the American Flag on the 4th of July. You see, Bryton is a gay man, and since gay victims in Orlando were getting attention, the wheels in Bryton’s head began slowly turning, and he thought “I know all this tragic stuff happened in Orlando, but what about me?” Like my last post said, this is what the PC agenda, Tumblr, and Buzzfeed promotes. You get entitled little twats like this guy that work themselves into a frenzy, backed by the sweaty knuckled tumblrina SJW movement. This kid is nothing more than an attention whore that sought approval from his misguided fans. Well, now he will get the attention he wanted, but I don’t think he is prepared for the kind of attention he will get.


This morning he was arrested.

Today, his profile was deleted. Last night, he turned off commenting on his photo so that no one but his sympathetic buddies could comment. This dude is a coward, and can’t back up the shit he spouts. I get it, freedom of speech. We all have it, however you can’t yell “bomb!” in an airport. There are limitations, and we all have enough common sense to know this isn’t okay. This guy did all of this to be “edgy” and now he will suffer the consequences. I don’t feel bad for him, or anyone like him.

Facebook keeps deleting my posts regarding this matter, even though Facebook allows all sorts of bullshit to go unpunished. So, I have decided to take my post out of Facebook’s reach. Share away, this kind of shit shouldn’t be ignored. This is how home grown terrorism(like the Orlando shooter, you know, what he supposedly opposes) are born.


UPDATE: Police asked Bryton to take down the photo because people were calling in and the police were worried about not only his safety, but the safety of people around him. So then Bryton selfishly decided to leave the picture up, not only trying to incite a riot, but putting everyone else in danger around him.

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