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ReddenedReddened Wasteland

For over two hundred years, the last of humanity has lived on Mars under the all-seeing eye of The Union. Life on Mars is bleak, nothing like the Utopia that was promised to the people before the great migration from Earth. Generations have been forced into backbreaking labor with little reward, and the masses live in constant fear of those in power.

Unrest is rising. Change is inevitable.

A revolution is on the horizon. Alerik and his team find themselves in the eye of the storm, pulled between opposing factions as they search for the truths that have been buried deep beneath the Martian soil. Time is running out and they will all have to pick a side. As they uncover the mysteries surrounding the settlement, they begin to realize that nothing is what it seems, and sometimes working with the enemy is the only way to save what matters most.


Monte (The Lure of Corruption Book 1)

Kyle Perkins & Lila Vale

Trigger Warning: this is a dark erotic novella that contains scenes of a graphic nature that may be offensive to some readers. Please be aware of this and continue at your own risk.

A realist through-and-through, Victoria Wyric lives a practical life; she has no patience for the whimsical. Her friends are believers, however, and they plan a night of clumsy attempts to summon the supernatural in order to prove the naysayer wrong. She begrudgingly attends, if only to laugh at their foolishness.
That night, a mysterious, silver-tongued stranger shows up out of nowhere. An apex predator, he is as captivating as he is dangerous, and his sights are set on Victoria. In the course of an evening, everything she thinks she knows is thrown out the window.
Lured into the game of an unforgiving master, she quickly learns there is no such thing as harmless fun when it comes to the otherworldly.


ECTAEcta: The Divide

Kyle Perkins & Samantha Harrington

Trigger warning. 18+ readers only as contains scenes of a sexual nature, violence and strong language.

For centuries, the people of Skywaard have been content in their industrial civilization in the clouds, isolated and separated from the primitive people of Ariviil with their strange potions and magic. They have been sequestered for too long, however, and resources are running low. The only way the people of the skies will survive is if they find a way to work with those who walk the lands.
That is where Sebastian comes in.
Up until now, he has lived a charmed life of debauchery, growing up in a noble ward left him wanting for nothing. Still, he finds the life of sex, drugs, booze, and women can leave a man feeling rather… empty. Driven by a longing for purpose, he abandons the comforts of Skywaard and departs for Ariviil.
He wants adventure, and he finds it. In walks the intoxicating little package that is Loriella.
She’s an outcast, ostracized for possessing a gift that the people of Ariviil fear. People always fear what they do not understand, even in a city built on magic. She accepted this fate a long time ago resigning herself to a life of isolation and loneliness… until she meets Sebastian. They say you crave what you need, and she needs him with every ounce of her being. Will he turn her away when he learns of her gift, just as her own people have done?
As the entwined souls from incompatible worlds try to negotiate a treaty between their people and navigate a romance doomed for disaster, they uncover an even darker reality brewing on the horizon that no one saw coming.
Will they be able to make peace among the chaos, or will it all end in war?

DoctrineDoctrine of Indecency: 18 Coveted Tales of Lust

Kyle Perkins, Virginia Johnson, Lila Vale, Brianna West, L.J. Sexton, Kat Mizera, Mia Sparks, AR Von, T.L. Wainwright, Erin Trejo, Amanda O’lone & Eden Rose

*This is an adult romance short story collection containing explicit content only suitable for adults.*

Dare yourself to explore eighteen very different tales of lust by eighteen wickedly imaginative authors that love to spin a sexy story. Get lost in the pages composed by minds trained to tempt and tease the senses to satisfaction while leaving you wanting so much more…


Bait brutes and bulletsBait, Brutes, and Bullets: Tales from New Biloxi

Kyle Perkins & Lila Vale


Catastrophic flooding plunged the Earth into a harsh existence hundreds of years ago. Unable to bear the weight of the chaos, societal structures broke down and domes were constructed to preserve the coastal cities as the surrounding areas became swampy wasteland. In this new and unforgiving world, survival of the fittest is the only true law.

Harvey Cline has perfected his bravado in order to survive in the Biloxi dome, but it takes more than charm to stay on top for any length of time. Hostility between the competing casinos is escalating and he risks losing everything. When he learns of a new drug that could rig the game in his favor, he heads to the swamps to find the source.

He thought it’d be easy saving his casino, but he wasn’t expecting the pretty bird in the sundress to give him a run for his money.

Typical swamp folk are secretive, angry, and hostile. Norra Lasalle is no different. With a little bit of luck and a whole lot of bluffing, she’s been able to keep her head above water while making Gator Bait, but people are starting to snoop around and she’s worried she may have bitten off more than she can chew. Harvey is pure trouble in a fancy suit and she wants no part of it, especially when the guy has a real knack for working down her guard. Her anonymity has kept her alive so far… but how long can the loose lips in a small town keep that kind of a secret?

Teabreeze: Part One14123302_1610104789281846_533294325_o
Kyle Perkins & Lila Vale

*Trigger Warning: This book contains adult content. Reader discretion is advised. This is book one of several installments to be released in a serial format. May contain cliffhangers.*

Alex Jacobs is a mess and it’s his own damn fault. His addiction to alcohol has driven his life into the ground and his girlfriend into the welcoming embrace of a community of hippies living deep in the Florida backwoods. Despite Eve’s insistence to the contrary, Alex knows it’s a cult and he knows she needs to be saved from these wackos before she’s in too deep with their secretive order.

Determined to win Eve back, he seeks out Teabreeze. Who are these people? Why is Eve so drawn to them? Does she even want to be saved?

Answers only bring more questions, and as they learn more about Teabreeze and its inhabitants, it becomes clear that there is more to this group than meets the eye.


teabreezetwovintageTeabreeze: Part Two

Kyle Perkins & Lila Vale

*Trigger Warning: This book contains adult content. Reader discretion is advised. This is book one of several installments to be released in a serial format. May contain cliffhangers.

It has been a long year for Alex and Eve. Rebuilding their relationship and forgiving each other for past mistakes has proven to be a rocky road. They’ve endured bitter therapy sessions and blame throwing – all while the world goes to shit around them.

As it turns out, escaping Teabreeze was the easy part.

To top it off, bizarre things start happening a little too close to home and it becomes more difficult to brush them off as sheer coincidence. As the world spirals into madness, the couple starts to realize that while they may have let go of Teabreeze, it hasn’t quite let go of them.


Kepler: Humanity’s Ark

 Kyle Perkins & Virginia Johnson

Orrin was born for the mission ahead of him; his team has nothing to lose and a livable planet to gain. Built for the elements and prepared
for the worst, Orrin is Earth’s last chance for survival and he is determined to save humanity no matter the cost.

As the daughter of the Vaklarn Elite, Aya was adorned with every amenity available but she craved a life of freedom and independence. Betrothed to the man of her father’s choice, her chance at love was taken from her in the name of her ancestors until she comes face to face with the biggest threat her people have ever encountered; Orrin.

When two worlds collide, more than a fight for a home is on the line. Both have an objection; both have something to lose; both bend the bind that threatens to break in the name of strength, power, life and love.


Books will be added as they become available.

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