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Bizarre Interviews with Kyle Perkins-Week 9.

By Kyle Perkins.


This week we have Bonny Capps with us, and I’m excited to get started!


Question 1: So, who are you and what do you write?
My name is Bonny Capps and I write horror and erotic/horror.
Question 2: Fun stuff. Do you ever write stuff that scares you? Like, to where you have to run through the hallway and hit the light switch up before going to the bathroom? (PS: I still do this.)
Umm, not really. I honestly don’t scare easily when it comes to horror. I’m constantly trying to find movies that will get my adrenaline pumping. I love the thrill. I do write things that disturb me sometimes because my books push certain… limits…
Question 3: You speak of limits… I assume you’re referring to butt stuff?
There is definitely some butt stuff, haha. More than anything – beyond the gore – things like dubious consent, incestuous instances and definite rape. Sometimes those things don’t sit well with readers.
Question 4: Oh! We were talking about books… and here I was getting excited. So, now that you have thrown out things like incestuous relationships, I gotta ask. Do you write from experience? If so, is the step brother/sister thing as hot as porn has led me to believe?

Aw man, that’s gross. ?  Haha. Uh, yeah, not from experience.

Question 5: I refuse to believe that, for masturbatory reasons. So who is your favorite character from your books? Like, which one would you grant access to the vag?
Definitely Dimitri Vavilov. He is my Russian lover (and my vibrator is currently named after him). Gabe comes in at a very close second.
Question 6: My vibrator’s name is Optimus Prime. So, the answer we all need to know now.. How many times do you masturbate per book?

That must be a powerful vibrator with a name like that!

Well, it takes about 3 months for me to write a book. So 3 x 7 = 21 x 4 = 84 x 3 = 252… So, yeah. Approximately 252 times. ?

Question 7: That’s a lot of masturbation. I think it’s fucked up that you have invited me to watch none of it. How fucking dare you. So, which of your books do you hate the most? We all have one.
I wouldn’t necessarily say that I hate it, but I think it could’ve been better. The Boy in the Mirror was my first book and it flopped majorly. I wasn’t comfortable as an author, and I was also incredibly uneasy when it came to the content. The genre seemed… safe, I guess? It’s hard to explain.
Question 8: Tell me the story of your weirdest encounter with a fan. (Can be online)

Well, I’d say the weirdest encounter was with this guy that was a legit stalker. He was a fan of my work. Loved my book (went on about how he loved it) etc. I was nice, always responded when he sent a message and all that jazz. He started getting weird on my posts. Like, he’d comment on a picture that I’d look better with this color lipstick (stuff like that). I started responding less, and his comments/messages became more aggressive. I guess, as a cry for attention, he sent me this long message about my use of the word cock (something like that) in my book. I told him that I appreciated his feedback. He sends another message, and I didn’t respond. The next day I woke up to this looooong message from him telling me that my book was basically shit. He blocked me before I could respond. I thought that I had washed my hands of him, and I posted in my group about the incident. Minutes later, I received a message on my author page. It was him telling me that “contrary to popular opinion, I didn’t attack you”. He knew what I posted in my closed group because he created a fake profile portraying a TEEN GIRL to get into my group. We scanned over the picture and didn’t realize that “she” was supposedly a “teen”. Yeah, it was crazy.

Question 9: That is pretty crazy. You excited to come to Tampa next year for the convention? Also, how will you deal with me mounting you like a lion when I see you?

Haha! Yes! I’m definitely excited to go!

You’re funny. ?

Chisels into stone “Not going to happen”.

Question 10: Guess that all comes down to who’s faster. So what made you go into horror? Has it been a life long fascination, or more of a phase?
Definitely a life long passion. My grandmother was huge into horror movies, and every time we’d visit her in Kansas, we would binge watch the classics. My mom walked in on me once when I was about 5, and I was watching The Exorcist. I wasn’t scared at all, and she was walking as fast as she could down the hall to get away from it, haha. I was like Carol Ann Freeling from Poltergeist perched in front of the TV (they’re hereee). No, I love everything horror, and I’m honored to write in the genre.
Question 11: So, I hit on the topic of unwarranted dick pics a lot, as it is a plague in this community. Most women hate them and act shocked, but have you ever gotten one and were like “Ehh, not bad, kid.”
Haha. Unwarranted? Uh, no. Honestly, I really don’t get a ton of dick pics. I do get a handful of guys that message me “hi” or “hello” or “nice picture”, but I’m not falling for that trap. A lot of random guys take that as an invitation to send dick pics, which I do not want or need, thank you.
Question 12: Trust me I know. I’m still waiting for you to respond to my “hai cuti3.” I saw the “seen” asshole. So, fuck, marry, kill. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin.

I’ll wing it and say Kill: Hitler Marry… Erm, Mussolini… Fuck Stalin. Thanks for that question, by the way. Lol

Question 13: Wow, you’re a horrible person. Who would answer something like that? So, you’re trapped inside a room with fifteen Danny Devito clones, and all of them are uncontrollably horny. The only weapon you have is a toothpick, how do you escape? Or do you give in, because Danny Devito, c’mon.

Oh, shit. I guess I’d try and lockpick a door, but that probably wouldn’t work, so I’d most likely end up getting raped by 15 Danny Devitos.

That is what nightmares are made of. I think I have a new phobia. Thanks for that, Kyle. ?

Question 14: Well, now that we know you have a fetish for Danny Devito, what is your ideal guy? Like who would get a BJ on the first night? (I’m asking for your stalkers.)
Haha! Ohhhh, well he’d have to like horror. That’s a must. Someone that is chill, not high strung. Someone that can deal with my weird self. Uhh. Yeah. Pretty much it.
Question 15: Cool, now I know who to pretend to be when you come down. Looks like that mounting will happen after all. Last question, are you afraid of clowns?



I absolutely love clowns. ?
Well, fuck.

Want to see more from bonny?

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WARNING: This series is not just dark – it’s horrific, depraved and disturbing. If you do not enjoy books containing blood, guts, taboo and more – this book is not for you.

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