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Bizarre Interviews with Kyle Perkins-Week 8.


This week we have Mark McQuillen with us! Let’s get to it.


Question 1: So, who are you and what do you write?
Mark McQuillen Author of The Valkyrie Darkness series and co Author of Queen of Winter.
Epic Fantasy with a little Erotica and Paranormal romance mixed in.
Question 2: So, writing fantasy erotica, is there a high demand for that?
Well yes and no there’s alot of if out there it seems that people focus on the sex. With little or no story. I made the story the first priority. I added the sex scenes later.
Question 3: I’m the same way. A lot of people write plots around the sex, meanwhile I just write stories that could take or leave the sex itself.  I mean, sex happens in real life. To exclude it from a story makes it boring and unrealistic, but also centering a story around sex is just as unrealistic. Unless the story is about a sex demon. lol. Anyway, how hard do you jerk it during these scenes? Be honest. =D
Physically I’m hard and drooling after I write and reread it. While I’m writing it not so much. I’m more focused on the writing.
Question 4: I usually jerk off half way through, then go back to it. After I wash my hands. If you could lock three celebrities in a sex bunker with you without consequences, who would you choose?
Oh god let’s see. Eva Greene of Penny Dreadful fame. Charlize Theron, and Kate Beckinsale.
Question 5: I’d choose Darlene from Mr. Robot, Alicia from Fear the Walking Dead, and Rachel from Suits. They are usually somewhere in my mind when writing sex scenes. So, do you ever write a sex scene that is so bad that you’re like “Nah, I can’t leave that one in the final copy. That’s fucked up,” or do you leave in everything?
I’ve done that several times. I’ve actually only been writing full time for a little more than a year. Im trying to keep to the story. The sex scenes as they are are a bit over the top.
Question 6: So you finish beating off, and the second you’re done, you’re like.. “Dude, too much.” lol. I’ve been there. What did you do before writing full time? What made you decide to transition?
I worked in over the phone tech support for Aol and Gateway, Dell. Well what put an end to that is in 2011 I was diagnosed with severe Multi level degenerative disc disease. My back is fused from my waist to my tailbone. I’m disabled so i need something to do to keep me out of trouble. So in June of last year I started writing full time.
Question 7: Tech support huh. Ever have phone sex with a customer?
Uh no but there was a few times I was tempted I actually liked being on the phone.
Question 8: Did you always want to be an author, or is it a hobby you’ve developed?
I have always wanted to be an author so I first wrote Tolkien flash fiction on a site called the One Ring. That’s were I developed my writing style. I also have been playing Ad&d for thirty plus years as a Dungeon Master. There’s alot of writing and descriptions when you have your own campaign world.
Question 9: That’s pretty cool. I started out writing in text based role playing groups centering around the elder scrolls and fallout. Gun to head, if you had to choose, would you rather bang Legolas, Gimli, or Frodo?
Legolas hands down I’d love to have dexterity higher than God. It was funny My wife and I were watching the first movie and were counting how many dexterity checks he would have to make.
Question 10: How quickly did you guys go look at Orlando Bloom’s dick pics, then?


I invoke article 33 of the Ucmj on the grounds of protect against self incrimination. Hey I get a dick pic occasionally. What’s wrong with these people?
Question 11: Got it, you googled it before you finished reading that it happened. Yeah, women seem to think they are the only ones receiving cock pics. They are sorely mistaken. I get dick pics all the time, much to my dismay. How many vag/tit/butthole shots do you get? Also, do you share? Asking for a friend.
Actually no anything like that I put in my porn collection. I don’t share things like that I’m pushing the envelope with some of the pics I do post. I domt need the Facebook Nazis after me.
Question 12: I meant share to me privately. =D So do you have any stalkers yet? Have you had to ask someone to take a step back?
Yes I have stalkers. I’ve only had to ban one so far.
Questions 13: I’ve had to ban a few people. Every time someone disagrees with me, they think they need to go on the offensive with their believies. Do you think your wife would give you a hall pass with your PA?
She might she’s gotten a little more open minded since she started writing herself. She wants to write Romantic Erotica.
Question 14: Looks like the future is bright for you, my friend. Is the goal to become a famous author, or do you do this strictly for your fans/sanity?
I would like to be famous. I write for the fans. Without them what’s the point. My sanity no amount of writing is going to change that.
Question 15: Last question, who is your favorite indie author? Also, would you bang them?
Kat Caffee and bang her yeah if she and i weren’t married and she was willing.
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