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Bizarre Interviews with Kyle Perkins-Week 7.



Today we have Amy Engle with us! Disclaimer: Amy is a school teacher so I may have to go easy on her. I’m sure we can find a middle ground.


Question 1: So, who are you, and what do you write?

My name is Amy Engle. I write social science fiction.

I also teach 7th grade English to pay the bills.
Question 2: What is “social science fiction,” and how is it different from normal science fiction?

Social science fiction takes place in futuristic societies, but the focus is on people and social issues. Most other science fiction usually focus on technology and the adventure of the hero/heroine.

Question 3: I still laugh at the word “heroine,” I think I’d fit in with your 7th graders. Speaking of which, do you have one that is your favorite?
Haha! I know, I gotta be careful about what I say around them. They know how to twist my words to make them inappropriate. Of course I have a favorite student. I mean, um, no I don’t. Because ALL my students are fantastic. (Note: My students tend to Google me so I can’t risk them knowing I’ve got favorites…)
And I think you’d fit in nicely with some of my boys. My girls, however, are smarter than that ?
Question 4: Do you have any students where you’re just like.. “Ugh, fuck this kid,” every time you see them?

I definitely have some that push my buttons. I think I’ve only ever had one student that I just couldn’t stand. But considering that I’ve taught hundred of kids, I pride myself that there’s only been one I couldn’t win over.

Question 5: So, outside of teaching 7th graders and writing social science fiction, do you have any other hobbies?

I love baking. My cookies–in my own humble opinion–are the best in the world. I also use to do martial arts. I’ve got a black belt in American Kenpo. However, I had to stop my lessons after a hiking injury. But I’m working on getting back in shape so I can eventually resume my training. Also, I’ve been a license massage therapist for 8 years. So, yeah, I stay pretty busy.

Question 6: Oh, massage therapist? Where can I sign up? Also, if you gave me a massage, would you require me to be naked, because if not, I’d like to be. How do you manage to be a black belt in kenpo, but injure yourself walking? lol
Lol you’d have to come to Arizona–it’s the only state I’m licensed in. I tell my clients to get undressed as much as their comfortable. But their genitalia will remain covered the entire session–it’s the law. And my injury was massive blisters on my feet. It had nothing to do with my walking abilities. Plus, I was still a fairly new black belt when I went on that hike and hadn’t quite recovered from the strain of the belt test. And the distance was twice as long as Ohara been told. So yeah it was the worst experience of my life.
Question 7: Well, my genitalia will be uncovered because I am from Florida and have diplomatic immunity. PS: I am doing this interview from inside my car, I’m already on the way over. Aside from horrible walking skills, have any other bad habits?
Hmm. I like to think I’ve grown out of most of my bad habits by now. But something I seem to stop doing is correcting people. I haven’t quite learned that people hate having their mistakes flung back in their face. I guess my inner teacher will never be able to let go of a chance to correct others.
Question 8: I like correcting people too, but for the opposite reason. I just like annoying them. So are you married? Single?

Oh, there are times when I like to give people a hard time too! I’m single–probably because of that horrid habit I have.

Question 9: Moment of truth, have you fantasized over any of your student’s dads? lol
No not at all. Not my type. I’m quite picky.
Question 10: I’m picky too, I only like what holds still. Any moms? =D

Naw I’m straight.

Let me save you some time: any one associate with my work is off-limits in my mind, making it impossible for me to be attracted to them.
Question 11: Geez, I thought teachers loved experiments. So, the apocalypse has happened. Everyone on the Earth is dead except you and your classroom, what’s your next move?
Oh crap I’m screwed!
Lol no. I’d teach them survival until they were old enough to breed–remember these are only 12 year olds. Then they’ll probably over-throw me, dying a short while later without my leadership.
Question 12: Teaching a bunch of kids anything is pretty much my worst nightmare, especially since everything is so PC now. What would be a job that you’d absolutely hate?
Oh I’ve already had the worst job ever–working in the fast food industry. Total nightmare.
Question 13: What do you like more, being an author or being a teacher?

There are pros and cons of each pros of writing: I don’t have to deal with people as much and am in control of my own schedule. Pros of teaching: being challenged every day and working with some wonderful staff and students. Cons of writing: it’s lonely and hasn’t paid very well yet. Cons of teaching: well I can honestly write a whole book on the struggles of teaching. If I could choose, I’d probably a full-time writer. So yeah, final answer is author. Definitely like writing more, but I still find joy in my job as a 7th grade English teacher.

Question 14: What do you love and hate about the indie community?
I love the variety of stories that the indie community produces. It’s very refreshing since I love it when people try something new. I don’t know that this is something that I necessarily hate, but I get a little annoyed at all the indie authors who beg my to buy their books. I feel like a good story should speak for itself. Asking people like that is desperate and off-putting. But again, I can’t say that I hate it since I understand their desire to have people give their books a chance.
Question 15: Okay, last question! Ever regret anything you’ve done as a teacher or author?
As an author, I don’t regret much. When I make mistakes, I have the opportunity to fix them while editing. But as a teacher, I’ve definitely said things I shouldn’t have out of anger or impatience. However, I do my best not to repeat those situations.
Thanks so much for this opportunity, Kyle! It’s been a blast!
Want to see more from Amy?

Check out her books here.

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  1. Since I spent my first 12 (of 47) years of teaching with seventh graders, I know the pleasures (and agonies) of teaching seventh graders first hand. I enjoyed the interview and the interviewers skills are excellent as well. I found this to be a good investment of my reading time! Most enjoyable.

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