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Bizarre Interviews with Kyle Perkins-Week 13.

By Kyle Perkins.

This week we have with us, Krihstin Zink!

Question 1: Well, who are you, and what do you write?

I’m KZ: wife/mama/editor by day, and adult fiction writer when time permits.

Question 2: Not happy about the wife part. The world is unfair. So what else do you do, you know, that eats up your time?

Haha! Well, maybe in another life. ? Lol!
Right now, TWD & AHS have been eating up my time.

Question 3: Both of those shows eat up my time as well. Also, Scream Queens. It’s a little embarrassing. Negan, man. Negan. So, if you had to bang one of these people, who would you choose? Eugene from TWD or Lobster Boy?

Now I want to watch SQ too. Lol. Ugh! It’s so strange seeing JDM as Negan, but he plays the villain well. Honestly, he’ll always be John Winchester to me. Really?! Haha! I’d choose Lobster Boy, since I’d probably make Eugene cry.

Question 4: For me, he’ll always be Edward Blake, but it isn’t too much of a change. Well, I guess it kind of is, but meh. I like your taste in television, gurlllll. *winky face* So, have you written your husband into a book as a character yet?

I totally had to Google Edward Blake. Lol! 2009 feels like just yesterday. Sigh. ?
Likewise about the shows. *Double wink*
Sort of, he has inspired every F/M sex scene I’ve ever written.

Question 5: Does it make you feel weird that women are potentially flicking the bean while imagining your husband? =D

No, knowing that my writing caused that reaction is pretty cool. *Pats shoulder.*

Question 6: Does it make your husband feel weird that dudes are probably stroking it to your books? lolol.

No, but I still blush about it. Lol!

Question 7: True, he’s probably had to deal with the inevitable anonymous e-stroking for a long time, considering your face. He’s probably past it. If you could make one of your female characters come to life, and she was totally into your husband, do you think he would choose you or her? lol

Aww! You’re too flirty-sweet. Haha! *Blushing.* And no, he’s not. It still agitates him when guys take it too far, but I don’t blame him for it. I’d be the same way. Hm. Well, honestly . . . I don’t think he’d like any of my female characters’ personalities. But to play along, I’d pick Ivy from Scarlet Unleashed and Kate. Since she’s super annoying, and it’d make me laugh to see Jason so uncomfortable. Haha! We have a special marriage, and he’d totally get me back for it. Lol!

Question 8: Yes, pretty significant others can be a burden in a way. I feel for all of my exes. =D What made you get into writing?

For sure! Lol. Long story short: I’ve always had an overactive imagination and, as a child, I often told tall-tales. Fam/friends would praise my storytelling, so I wrote shorts for fun and then, in 2012, I started my first novel.

Question 9: Are you kind of shocked by the fact that people love your stories and support you? I am still amazed by it after all this time. (For myself).

Yes, especially since most folks either love or hate my stories. And lately, it’s been more hate than love. Sigh. Nonetheless, we can’t make all readers happy.

Question 10: Well, your writing can’t be for everyone. Nobody’s can. All you can do is keep writing for the people that love it, that’s what I do. So, who are your favorite indie authors?

That’s very true, and I need to remember it more often. In no particular order: Colleen Hoover, Tillie Cole, Alisha Coggins-Cole, Hope Pennie, Jessica Ozment, Kyle Perkins, Lila Vale, Tara Dawn, and so many more.

Question 11: If you’re ever feeling down on that subject, just read this. =) Sometimes I read it to remind myself of what I already know. It’s easy to forget sometimes, especially at a low point. Also, thanks for mentioning me. You weren’t obligated just because I’m interviewing you. LOL. Do you ever think you’ll write in another genre? Like dystopian for instance?

Well, I’m only being honest. I haven’t read a story of yours that I didn’t like. I’m still waiting for Monte Two (so, please hurry). I’ve started several dystopian stories, but haven’t published them yet. Honestly, I’m a genre hopping writer. Which is why I don’t classify myself in any particular genre. I just write what feels right, which can be hurtful. Since I’ve developed a mash-up audience. Lol.

Question 12: I am, too. That’s why I just call myself a speculative fiction writer. Just broad spectrum daydreams. lol. I never want to feel trapped in a genre. Also, Monte 2 is coming up after Kepler. =) Does your husband read your books?
Yay! #DayMade ?
Unfortunately, no he hasn’t read any of my books. However, he’s more of a nonfiction reader; so I can’t be mad at him for it.

Question 13: I was gonna ask if he’s confessed to jerking it to your work, but you ruined it. Thanks. Does your own writing turn you on?

Oops! Haha! ?
Yesss, but what happens after is confidential. ?

Question 14: I take it your husband benefits from more than just sales of your books. lol. Is being a writer your ultimate dream, or was it a plan b? Would you rather be doing something else if you had the means?

Yes, he does. Lol. No, I studied to be a psych professor because artistic dreams are a gamble (as my mama often said). I self-published my first book, Scarlet’s Torment, on a whim. Like: Well, better now than never kind of thing. Regretfully, I’m one of those writers who–no matter how many compliments they receive–will always doubts their skill. Which is why I edit part-time, since I have that instructor instinct deep within me.

Question 15: I think self doubt is part of being an artist in general. You’re putting yourself out there to be criticized. Last question. Who is your celebrity hall pass? lol

Definitely. If only some could be less harsh with their criticism. Honestly, I don’t have one.

Want to see more from Krihstin?

Check out her latest book, here.



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