Author Kyle Perkins

Bizarre Interviews with Kyle Perkins-Week 12.

By Kyle Perkins.

Okay, I missed a couple of weeks. I will make it up by doing an interview today, and one midweek. =)

Today we have GM Scherbert with us!

Question one: Who are you and what do you write?
GM Scherbert and i write romance- usually MC or BDSM inclined.

Question two: Do the two subjects go hand in hand? lol
In my mind- yes… in my books sometimes a struggle… in reality definitely a struggle.

Question 3: So, Sons of Anarchy mixed with bondage? I can dig it. Do you have a favorite scene?
Personal scene or in my books?

Question 4: Yeah, uh. Let’s start with personal. =D *Gets out lotion*
I like: biting, hair pulling, ass smacking, – you know the good stuff!

Question 5: The good stuff to me is a bag of hot fries and watching Mr. Robot. Are your characters based on real people?

Thank god we all have our own good stuff! Characters are very vaguely based on people who have passed through my life-

Question 6: Ah, so people you’ve wanted to tie you up?

Yes, and whom i have wanted to tie up-

Question 7: Hope to be in your next book. =D So, do you use a pen name? Do your parents know about your books?
? that can be arranged.  Yes, everyone knows the dirty thoughts i have and words i write- i won’t let them read it but they know <img class="_1ift _2560 img" src="" alt="?"

Question 8: Oh, they 100% have read them. lol. People in my family try and pretend like they don’t read my smut, but then they pull their kids in close when I walk by. Never used to be like that. SO I KNOW YOU KNOW IF YOU’RE READING THIS. Anyway, what’s your favorite book?
Pride and Prejudice. I do have a place in my heart for the evil ginger as well! TM Frazier.

Question 9: I meant, that you have written. LOL.
Oh well then. I think Pearls Blaze was my favorite…. lots of kink, violence, and struggle.

Question 10: Struggle? Is that a rapey vibe you’re putting out? If you could bang one of your characters, who would you choose?
Just one? I guess it would have to be Blaze he is dominant and wont take my sass.
Question 11: Is he loosely based on a real person? =D Dare you to name him. No balls.
Oh he has balls. He is a mix of a few men that i have known- never have i found one who could do all the things he does.
Question 12: Well, you have to teach them, or make them. Your call. Fuck safe words. So, when did you start writing?
Only a few years, the stories, however have always lived in my head.

Question 13: What do you think brought on the MC craze? Do you think it has to do with SOA?
I do think it had a lot to do with sons.

Question 14: I wonder if the kindle had taken off ten years ago, if there would be a lot of Italian Mafia erotica because of the Sopranos. I’d be down with that. I miss that show. Why is there no chemistry teacher gone meth dealer erotica? No breaking bad fans? Come on people. Do you think you’ll ever do another genre?
Yes, i just started a younger military man older woman story….

Question 15: Gotcha. Last question, what’s your favorite genre to read? Do you like to read within the genres you write?
Yes, bdsm mc is my favorite to read.

Want to see more from GM Scherbert?

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