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Bizarre Interviews with Kyle Perkins-Week 11.

by Kyle Perkins.

This week we have Nik Angela! Let’s jump in.

Question 1: Who are you, and what do you write?

I’m Nik Angela and I write contemporary and historical romance…or anything else that haunts my mind and robs my sleep until I write it down.

Question 2: What’s the “anything else” that haunts your mind? Butt stuff?

Not particularly…but….first time for everything I suppose.

Question 3: As long as you’re open to it. How long have you been an author?

Doors are never closed. I’ve been an author as in published since last February…but been writing since I was a teenager.

Question 4: When you were a teenager, did you write about historical romance, or about stuff like ponies?

It was the 90’s. Picture angry, middle class girl…I was Daria. So of course it was totally angst-filled stories about the soccer captain who didn’t know I existed.

Question 5: I was a teenager in the early 00’s, so picture Always Sunny. So, about this soccer captain… Did he ever make it into your books?

Always Sunny is an awesome show. Nah, I’ve since moved on to obsessing over British men…accents are the way to go.

Question 6: Fucking traitor! I just obsess over whoever holds still long enough. =D So are you seeing anyone? I can fake a British accent if you’re interested.

How well can you fake the accent? I’ve actually been married for nine years next Friday. For the 10th I’m making him take me to London…did I say obsessed?

Question 7: I can make you feel like you’re standing in the middle of Buckingham Palace if you’d like. So does your husband read your stories?

Can we do 19th Century manor house in Yorkshire? Buckingham Palace is full of tourists… He’s read over my shoulder now and then, but he claims he’s never read “the good stuff”. Which makes me say “what do you mean good stuff, it’s all good”. But I do ask him questions about the male mind…

Question 8: The male mind can be a scary place at times. I would know. Has he ever said anything that shocked you in response to a question?

Good point. It’s definitely interesting. To be honest, he hasn’t. For some reason I tend to think the same way he answers…which makes me concerned. I actually really enjoy writing male characters, sometimes a good one in the romance world is hard to find.

Question 9: Have to agree with you there. So, tell me your biggest sexual regret. lol.

I am laughing at this question still… I really don’t have one to be honest. Been shopping at the same store for 17 years if you follow my drift. Lol. Though there was a few months before we started dating that I went through a musician phase…I blame college.

Question 10: I went through a “crazy woman” phase, but I think every guy has been in my shoes, but yeah, I get it. You let the band run a trizzie. That’s pretty hot. Now I will picture that for the rest of the day. Okay, time for some weirdness. Would you bang a german shepherd to save the life of someone you love? lol.

Well glad to give you something to do today. Hmm, you know it depends. I’d probably talk my way out of it. I’m really convincing when I want to be…like REALLY convincing.

Question 11: Giving off sort of a rapey vibe. lol. So, how convincing? Like you could convince your husband to take the bullet and do the shepherd for you?

Ha ha. It does sort of sound that way doesn’t it. No he’d look over from his side of the couch and tell me to keep him out of it. I’d probably have to resort to other measures.

Question 12: I’ll ask about these “other measures” at a later date. lol. So, gorgeous British guy comes along, no chance of your husband finding out, do you bang him? (Don’t worry, your husband won’t read this, I promise.) =D

Does this British guy also have tattoos?

Question 13: He has whatever your perfect fantasy is. So?

Sigh. I have to say no. All joking aside I wouldn’t. Love that man of mine…but I would flirt the hell out of the moment and get a pint of beer out of him.

Question 14: I get it. You have to say that. Do you think you’ll still be doing this in ten years?

Writing? Yes, I have to. It’s something that’s a part of me…so yeah!

Question 15: Alright, last question. Who is your hall pass? lol.

Tom Hardy. Hands down. (Husband is WELL aware.)

…And that’s all folks. I’m off to grab a Tom Hardy mask. Want to see more from Nik?

Check out her work here!

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