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Bizarre Interviews with Kyle Perkins-Week 10.

by Kyle Perkins.


This week we have with us, AJ Downey!


Question 1: Who are you and what do you write?


I’m A.J. Downey and I write porn. Technically it’s classified as Romantic Erotica, but that doesn’t fool anybody.


Question 2: I also write porn. That makes us eskimo cousins? Or is it brothers? No, that’s something else. So what kind of erotica?


I write Motorcycle Club porn and Werewolf porn.  I’m working on time travelly piratey porn but that’s just a stand alone for next year.


Question 3: Nothing wrong with that. I wrote a demon and steampunk porn. Did you always aspire to write porn, or did you just start doing it randomly?


I just started doing it randomly. I like love stories, and I *really* like sex, so I figured why the fuck not? (I can say fuck, right?)


Question 4: I don’t see why the fuck not. I like sex a lot, too. When the stars align just right, I actually get some. So, if you could bang one of your characters, who would it be? Tell me why.


Reaver. Hands down, that dude is a crazy fuck and does all the things I like. I’d get into the gory details, but it’s probably better if you just go read his book. It’s the third one in the Sacred Hearts MC series and called Cracked & Crushed. I would totally start with the first book, though, you know, for back story.


Question 5: Based on what you know of him, would he bang you?


Probably. Reaver doesn’t care what it looks like as long as he can scare the fuck out of it. He’s my favorite thrill ride.


Question 6: Interesting. I can’t tell if you mean your vag, or you’re referring to yourself as it. So much confusion at the moment. If you could punch one famous person in the face, who would you choose?


Really? That’s a hard one, there are so many celebrities out there deserving of a good hoofing to the front butt. However, if I had to choose only one to punch right in the face, I would have to go with Trump. I know, I know… shots fired.


Question 7: Good choice. I’d punch Trump, then put Hillary in a diamond cutter. They both suck, and we’re doomed. Speaking of which, what are your plans for the apocalypse?


To not die, is probably my number one priority, but failing that, I’m going to take some motherfuckers down with me. I’m certainly brushing up on my winter survival skills with how much of a total dumpster fire this election is turning out to be.


Question 8: Yeah, I watched their entire debate. It consisted of “NO U” for an hour and a half. Would you do a threeway with Hillary and Donald if they promised to put all of your books on their presidential website in the case that either wins?


Hell to the motherfucking no. I may write porn, but I have standards, thank you very much.


Question 9: See, that is where we differ. I’d lick my grandfather’s asshole for that much exposure. Okay, well, we know which celebrity you’d punch, which would you let do anal?


Damn, what’s with the hard hitting questions? That one is hard. Of course, a dude would have to be… or a chick with a strapon, you didn’t specify and anal is anal in my book… can you tell I’m stalling? This is actually a really hard question. I would pick Jared Leto if I had to pick a celebrity but have you seen the size of that thing? No, not Jared Leto. That would suck too much… Hrm…

I’m going to go with…


Damn it Kyle! Okay, I got it. I’ll go with Nathan Fillion


Question 10: I’m afraid I have not seen Jared Leto’s cock. Should I be ashamed of myself? I have no idea if it’s big or small, or why the fear comes into play. Tell me, what was your worst first date?


Oh my god… total awkward. Seemed like a really nice guy online, met in person and I think he had a friend helping him with the written back and forth because when we met in person? He barely spoke English and I ended up spending the entire coffee date politely listening all about his latest grocery shopping experience.

Of course, as far as awkward or fucked up first dates go, I suppose I got off easy with that one.


Question 11: Did you still bang him? lol




Question 12: I totally believe you. Totally. What type of book will you absolutely not read, no matter how good of friends you are with the author?


Anything involving kids or animals in a sick or depraved way that’s graphic in its content.


Question 13: Agreed. Who wants to read about kids anyway? They always have those shitty bowl cuts in every single movie or tv show and it drives me nuts. Fucking lame plot devices. What’s your favorite movie? This says a lot about a person.


The Crow. I have it memorized forwards and backwards.


Question 14: Do you believe in the Lee family curse?


Yes. You know both Bruce and Brandon are buried here in Seattle? I’ve been to their graves a couple of times over the summer, taking some tourists there. It’s a beautiful site. Bruce’s widow, Linda, still lives here out in Issaquah, I think.


Question 15: Last question, if you died and had to live in one of your books forever, which would you pick?


I’d pick Charity For Nothing because it’s in Florida, and there isn’t too much crazy happening in it. Just pretty chill living the life in the sun and sand.


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