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Bizarre Interviews with Kyle Perkins-Week 16.

By Kyle Perkins.

This week, we have Samantha A. Cole with us!

Question 1: Who are you, and what do you write?
I’m Samantha A. Cole, a retired police officer and paramedic. I started writing after a knee injury ended up requiring 4 surgeries. I’ve always been an avid reader but with all the extra time on my hands while recuperating, I decided to give writing a try.
Question 2: Weird, I used to be an EMT, too. Also have a bad knee injury. We have a lot in common already, we’re going to get along swimmingly. So, tell me about something weird that happened during your time as a cop or paramedic.
Oh, one of these days, I have to write a book about just that! One of my favorite “adventures” was when I was working as a medic one Saturday with a new EMT. Of course, when you’re new, you want to go on every call. We had just gotten a break for lunch when we heard the police get dispatched to “a transvestite exposing his breasts.” My partner’s eyes lit up and he said, “I hope we get sent to that!” I, however, would rather get my lunch. We ended up getting dispatched. When we got to the two story house, I was annoyed by this point. I walked in to find two rookie cops talking to an older man who was obviously not our transvestite. I asked where he was and they said he was in his room getting a shirt so we could transport him for a psych evaluation. My jaw dropped. “You left him alone!” Before they had a chance to answer me, we heard him running upstairs and then a door slammed. I said, “Go outside and look up, he’s on the roof.” The rookies didn’t believe me until we all went outside and looked up to see the tranny in short shorts, and an unbuttoned shirt with his 38 D’s flapping in the wind. It took two hours and the police negotiator to get him down.
 Question 3: So, how turned on were you? Lmao.
Not at all! I was jealous of his 38 D’s
Question 4: Mhmmm. I totally believe you. So, are you married? Seeing anyone? Or did the sight of that man’s tits raise your expectations too high for normal men?
LOL. I’m divorced and currently single. The bar has been raised but not as a result of the transvestite.
Question 5: I like the sound of that. I do always enjoy when single women are available to be interviewed. They don’t have to hold back for their husbands who are undoubtedly giving them stern looks from across the living room. So, as a cop, did you ever get to bang any criminals? What about as a paramedic? Did anyone “thank” you for the healing. =D
LOL. Never as a cop nor as a medic, but I did have some on-duty trysts as a medic with the occasional partner. As a cop, that was a big no-no on a personal level. I worked too hard to earn the respect of my male counterparts to throw it away. I did get hit on one night in a bar by a guy I had locked up the night before for DWI. He didn’t recognize me.
Question 6: So, do you draw inspiration for your books from real world experiences, or fantasies during your down time at those jobs?
Yes. I’ve used a few instances from work in scenes in my books. I write suspense/romance so the background helps in writing the scenes.
Question 7: Very interesting. If you had to bang one, who would you choose? Stalin or Hitler?
Tough question. I’d have to go with Hitler. He was taller than Stalin who was only 5’4″
Question 8: Do you think writing romance has raised the bar on what you expect from men? Like, are you looking for one of your perfect characters, or has it shown you that real people are flawed and perfection only exists in books?
I don’t expect men to be perfect, and I’d like to think my characters aren’t perfect either. I’m far from perfect so why should my man be perfect.
Question 9: I happen to agree. However, I see a bunch of people getting divorced or breaking up in the indie world, and it makes me wonder if fantasy is bleeding into their real lives. Like, their characters are making their real life counterpart look like shit when comparing them. lol. So, what do you do when you’re not writing?
Well, I read lol. I have a camper I spend a lot of time during the summer at with a bunch of friends. We have one whole section of a campground in upstate NY. I used to be more active, golfing, working out, dating and stuff, but my knee injury curtailed that quite a bit. And right now my mother’s health has been failing so the past few months have basically been split between her and my writing.
Question 10: What will your mom think about you wanting to bang Hitler?
LMAO. My dad was German/Irish so I don’t think she’ll have a problem with it. She’s also having periods of dementia so she may have forgotten who Hitler was.
Question 11: I don’t think you just forget Hitler. lol. So, which is your favorite book you’ve written? Everyone has a favorite.
I’ve loved every one of my books, but Topping the Alpha is my favorite. There is something about Jake Donovan and his tortured soul that has stayed with me long after I finished his book.
Question 12: Topping the Alpha? Is that a m/m book?
Yes. It was my first M/m book and it was well received, so I’ll be trying another one at some point.
Question 13: So how does that work? I’ve wondered what it’s like for a woman to write a m/m book. I wouldn’t know the first thing about lesbians or the inner workings of their minds. I mean, shit. I can barely figure out straight women. lol. Is it mainly women that read it? Or do you have a lot of gay men that are fans as well?
I know several men have read it, and when I was writing it, I consulted a gay friend for the sex scenes. I think a lot of women think two guys going at it is as hot as most guys think two women going at it are.
Question 14: That’s pretty cool. Have you had any religious people attacking you yet?
2 or 3 bible thumpers have had words for me. I blocked them immediately. I was raised Catholic, so they weren’t saying much that I hadn’t been hearing most of my life. I just hate when it’s taken to extremes. I’ve also had a few of them leave reviews on my books because we all know reading and writing erotica is a guaranteed trip to hell.
Question 15: Okay, last question. Do you think you’ll continue writing, or is it just a time killer?
No, I’m in it for the long haul. I have plot lines in my head for at least fifteen more books. I just wish I had started writing years ago.
Want to see more from Samantha?

Her newest release is set to come out on the 30th. You can preorder it here.

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