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Author Sydnie Beaupré thinks it’s okay to sleep naked with pubescent children

Okay, this one is a doozy.

So the other day, Author Sydnie Beaupré posted to her facebook profile that she had slept with her parents naked even at 12 years old. I commented on her post saying that I thought that was weird, because I thought maybe she wanted to have a discussion since she posted about it on her public profile, but turns out she didn’t.

What followed was a barrage of harassment, cyberbullying, you name it, all over a disagreement on if it’s normal to sleep with 12 year olds naked as an adult. Keep the word “normal,” in the back of your mind while you read this article because my entire argument is that of course that isn’t normal for most of western civilization. I was not calling her a pedophile, I wasn’t saying she was bad, I was saying it is not normal to do. I was called “dangerous,” “scumbag,” and many other nice names by her supporters because I had the audacity to say that sleeping naked with 12 year olds isn’t normal.

Let’s start with the original argument.

As you can see, I tried to back away from the conversation with a simple “agree to disagree,” but was spam commented by her telling me how normal it is and trying to keep an argument going. I’m petty admittedly, so it’s hard for me to ignore shit like this and I have to argue back. So, we ague a little bit and I try to make it relatable, like “what if it was me sleeping with her at my age now when she was 12,” but she dances around why it would be weird if a stranger did it but it’s okay for her family. If it’s nothing sexual, why would just being naked be weird? I was using her own argument against her.

She didn’t want to budge or listen to reason, fine. So, I made a poll on twitter without mentioning her name, but I posted the link to the poll in the comments of our argument so that she could have access to the results. I did this because maybe if she didn’t want to listen to me about what is considered “normal,”(I don’t blame her) maybe a poll of people with no incentive to choose one way or the other might help her reconsider her stance.

As you can see, most people agree that it’s not normal.

This set her off and she inserted herself into the conversation, and keep in mind that she announced herself and let her identity be known because later she will accuse me of cyberbullying, harassing, brigading and abusing her by telling my followers about her and her family even though I never did. She did.

Now at this point, because she is fighting so hard to convince me and everyone else that this is normal, despite everyone telling her it isn’t, I told her I think she might actually be a pedophile. This is just my opinion and not a statement of fact, but it’s the only conclusion I could come up with. She argued that because she has European ancestry(like most white people in north america) it was normal for her culture. Europeans argued with her in the comments that this was not the case. Since that argument failed, she said it was because she is “native american,” but someone refuted that. When that didn’t work, she tried to justify and normalize it by blaming her mental illness. As you can see, she’s just throwing shit at the wall and seeing what people will latch onto and agree with her. No one did of course, because it’s not normal. Normal is regular, typical, etc. In her western culture of living in Canada, this is not normal, that was my original argument, one which I am entirely correct on. Do you sleep naked with your naked 12 year old kids? Did your parents? Fuck no.

Anyway, after trying to explain myself in every way I could, I tried to relate it to her experience by asking “okay, do you think it’s okay for an adult to sleep with a pubescent child who isn’t even blood related,” and to my surprise, she actually said yes. She thinks it’s okay to sleep with other people’s kids naked, “with the parents’ permission!” of course. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

I’m not calling Author Sydnie Beaupré a pedophile, but I cannot for the life of me think of a reason anyone would argue that they should be able to sleep with nude 12 year olds, outside of the obvious.

After a while of arguing she just kind of disappeared and I assumed that was that, but apparently she didn’t like losing an argument so she went to rally everyone she knew against me, calling me vile shit like an “abuser,” lol. She literally labeled me as one of her “abusers,” which immediately discredits every abuse story she has to me, because if she’s willing to call me an “abuser,” for winning a dumb online argument, fuck, what has she called other people for what she deems even bigger sleights against her?

Now am I being childish in my tone? Antagonistic? Petty? Sure, that’s how I argue, and I have my own faults that we could spend all day psychoanalyzing. Something I have to work on, for sure. But that doesn’t make me wrong, and I didn’t do anything to deserve this campaign of harassment or to be called the awful names her friends were calling me. I know some of her friends are just blindly defending their friend, but some were in the conversation and saw exactly what her argument was, and what mine was.

Just to name a few. These people also think it’s okay for her to sleep naked with other people’s naked children.

So, that’s where we’re at. I can’t just drop it because she is telling people I’m an abuser and her friends are threatening to get the police involved over “slander,” in which this would actually be libel, if what I was saying wasn’t true. However, I’m not making up things to say about her, I’m repeating what she openly said with everyone watching. I’m only disagreeing with her and she can’t seem to handle it, and rather than her friends doing the appropriate thing and checking her on this, they’d rather spend the day talking shit about how “dangerous,” I am, rather than you know, the person saying it’s okay to sleep with their kids naked.

Anyways, I threatened to post this all on 4chan because I know they aren’t fond of people who would openly say they’d sleep naked with other people’s kids and they have a much wider audience. I think the people in her life should be aware of this because it’s scary that she has rationalized this behavior and lives in an echochamber of yes men telling her it’s all okay. So, I do hope they find it interesting enough to investigate.

That’s how the last couple of days has been for me, with her family and friends harassing me, and this article is to set the record straight on what happened in plain black and white so you can see for yourself before she finds a new way to spin it, and pretend to be the victim again. I disagreed with her, that was my big crime.

Would you let Author Sydnie Beaupré sleep naked with your naked child?

(PS: You can click on the twitter poll to be taken back to it to read more of the comments and I apologize for anything that is out of order or shit quality!)

Oh, and please do not go to her profile and harass her or anything on my behalf. I just hope she talks to a professional about this before acting on it.

2 Replies to “Author Sydnie Beaupré thinks it’s okay to sleep naked with pubescent children”

  1. There are certainly other ways to give her as a 12 yr old the comfort she needed. How about a rollaway bed in the same room? I know from interviews I’ve read that being naked does seem to be normal in Europe, but you, Kyle, have a right to your opinion and if she can’t deal with opinions, dont publicly post! My opinion? Weird af. As her parents I would want some private time.

    1. Yeah she pretty much made the post because she knew it was an unpopular and controversial opinion, then played victim when someone called it out.

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