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Apologies for my absence.

As many of you know, I have been working hard on my latest book, “This is your trigger warning,” which will be out sooner than you think, but I have had a few snags.

Writing isn’t my only profession. I actually maintain a couple of servers, about a dozen websites, and lately I have been building a few websites for friends of mine(and clients).

Anyway, a few days ago, Lila Vale(I also helped build her site. lol) approached me and asked me to proofread her latest story, which obviously took away a few days from my super duper busy writing schedule. Insert Sarcasm. Anyway, I just finished reading it tonight, and the story was really good. I’d call it a mix between Witcher and Fallout. It reminded me of video games that I love, so naturally I was into it. She has it out for preorder, you guys should definitely check it out. She also has a contest going on over at her site, which you can find above.

Aside from that… Oh yeah. Back to the sites.

A few of my pals asked me to make them a new site for their promotions company that they started a while back. It’s been picking up a lot of traction and the girls do a lot of good, honest work. So, I talked them into taking it a bit more seriously, and they called my bluff. So, I spent the better part of yesterday and today building their site for them from the ground up. Authors, you should definitely check it out once you have the time… Actually, they may just save you a lot of time, and for really cheap.

Of course, over the last week I have also been working really hard to revive the Indie Book Network after flying too close to the sun, and trying my hand at a new brand of Facebook. Now, we have revamped the entire thing, turning it into an awesome database for authors, books, services, and conventions. It already has a ton of brilliant authors on it, and amazing people helping it come together. You should get yourself listed as well.

I’ve also built my friend Christina Rozelle’s site, and she just had a big freebie contest, with a ton of outstanding dystopian authors. I’m pretty sure the contest is over, but if you’re into those kind of books, you should definitely check them out(or a couple of mine =) ).

Anyway, I am rambling now. I still have another site to do(And prepping for the Tampa Indie Author Book Convention), but there is no real time crunch there, so, now I will be back to writing, and I’ll have something very dark out to you guys soon.

I’m not sure if anyone cares, but for those of you that do, this was just an update. I’m still alive!

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  1. The sites look amazing! Really love the re-imagined Indie Book Network. I also should add that I have personal experience working with Anytime Author Promotions, and they are fantastic!

    Thanks for reading and for the Sanguine Malum shout-out, by the way! It’s scary flying solo, so your endorsement means the world!

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