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There is another world, hidden away from you: The World of Geocaching.

So, at the convention last night, I began talking with a few of my fellow authors and learned that they had never heard of geocaching. Naturally, I was like “HOLD UP,” because geocaching in an amazing hobby that can very quickly consume your life.

First, let me explain what geocaching is. It’s basically a planet wide treasure hunt, with just about every country participating and over three million active caches. These caches are all around you, and chances are, you’ve passed a ton every day on your way to work without even realizing it. If you haven’t heard of geocaching yet, you’re considered a “muggle,” but fear not, we’re fixing that now.

As you probably already know, a cache is typically a supply drop that is hidden away from everyone except the people it was intended for. Think, soldiers. What makes geocaching cool, is that these caches are hidden away from everyone except those playing the game. Inside these caches, you’ll typically find little trinkets, logs to sign, and other miscellaneous small things. Other times, you can find money, jewels, and very valuable items. The coolest thing you’ll typically find however, are trackables. Trackables are items that can be… you guessed it, tracked.

So, you find a trackable, log it, then drop it somewhere else, and you can see everywhere it has been, and will go. It’s kind of cool to see something from Sweden end up near the corner store up the street, then you put it somewhere else, and it ends up in Australia. It’s kind of like dropping a bottle with a note into the ocean, but with a GPS attached to it.

Take this for instance. It’s just a simple little trinket, but now I know everywhere it’s been, and everywhere it will go, since I have the little code on the dog tag. You can even look it up now yourself, and see how far it’s traveled.

The caches you can find range from the sizes of micro, which sometimes you need tweezers to find, all the way to extra large ammo boxes. This would be considered a small one. It usually only has a log to sign.

This would be considered a large. It typically has a log, and various other things inside. It doesn’t have to be an ammo box, it can be anything. As long as it’s water proof.

You can even hide a few caches yourself, and see if people from your area can find them. Any time you submit a new cache, people out geocaching that day in the area will find it, and people love being the “FTF,” or first to find.

What makes geocaching cool, aside from everything I’ve said so far, is that usually when going to a place you’ve never been before, you search online for things to do. That usually takes you to the most “touristy,” things in the area. Most geocachers place caches in an area that is either special to them, has a breath taking view, or can teach you something about the area you’re in. Stuff you can’t just find on Google. Keep that in mind before placing a cache. You want to wow the person that finds it.

It’s something cool to do with the kids, and boy scouts across the world can earn badges by geocaching. Road trips never have to be boring again. You can take a small detour looking for a cache, and end up at a waterfall or cave that isn’t on a map yet. It’s really neat, and will take you to places you never thought were possible, and would have simply looked over in your old life as a muggle.

Anyway, I am rambling. If you’re interested, you can download the apps below.

Apple Products

Google Products

If you just want to read more, go here. They are all around you.

Now that you’re an expert in geocaching, there is yet another world hidden from you. The world of Dead Drops.

For this one, you will need something that accepts a USB.

It’s the same compact, compared to geocaching, except instead of finding caches, you find hidden USB flash drives hidden around the world. The idea is, you arrive at a dead drop and pick up some files. Usually, it’s a cool game, movies, programs, pictures and what have you. After downloading, you add something cool yourself that you don’t mind a complete stranger having access to.

This is a tutorial:

I hope you guys liked this, and if you have a story or experience related to geocaching or dead drops, feel free to share below!

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